Rossi: E-Cat SKL More Suited to Resistive than Inductive Loads

It has been interesting over the last few days to see the back and forth on the Journal of Nuclear Physics between Andrea Rossi and various readers who are trying to understand what kind of generator the E-Cat SKL is. Andrea Rossi is very reluctant to provide a detailed description of the E-C SKL, and […]

Q&As Regarding E-Cat SKL Launch

I would imagine that most readers here are like me and are interested in learning about the product launch and presentation of the E-Cat SKL, which Andrea Rossi has said would take place at some point in 2010. I had a chance to correspond with him recently and asked a few questions regarding the topic. […]

Update from Aureon Energy

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting the following update from Aureon Ltd. At the moment I am not sure what the source is for this text. It looks like it could be a communication to current and/or potential investors. February 11, 2021 To our Aureon Community, Aureon Energy Ltd, has made tremendous progress with the […]

The Coming Revolution in Energy Technology (Leonard Weinstein)

The following article has been submitted by Leonard Weinstein.   The Coming Revolution in Energy Technology Leonard Weinstein, ScD Feb. 11, 2021   Introduction: The advent of the industrial revolution resulted in an age of greatly increased prosperity to the portions of the world that took full advantage of it. The prosperity of a country […]

Video: Brilliant Light Power Washington DC Presentation

Randell Mills, CEO of Brilliant Light Power introduces the company’s SunCell technology at a presentation made yesterday (February 4, 2021) in Washington DC. From the video description “Brilliant Light Power produces 100,000W of continuous steam power at the Homer building in Washington DC. This is the historical first of commercial scale Hydrino power contributing to […]

POWERPASTE: The Hydrogen Technology for Small Vehicles (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Press Release)

The following is a press release from The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German applied research organization based in Munich, originally published here: Energy storage for small vehicles Hydrogen-powered drives for e-scooters Research News / February 01, 2021 Hydrogen is regarded by many as the future of propulsion technology. The first hydrogen-powered cars are already in action […]