Nature Article: “Observation of neutron emission during acoustic cavitation of deuterated titanium powder” (Max Fomitchev-Zamilov)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing this article from Scientific Reports on the Nature website. The title is: “Observation of neutron emission during acoustic cavitation of deuterated titanium powder”. The author is Max Fomitchev-Zamilov of Maximus Energy Corporation, Naples, FL, USA Here is a summary of the findings from the article’s abstract: “In this […]

Wastewater from Fracking Found to Contain Huge Source of Lithium

As the world continues to try and transition away from fossil fuels, the need for materials to build batteries grows ever stronger. The most common type of batteries in used in high power application these days are lithium-ion batteries, so naturally new sources of lithium are being sought out by government and industry. A new […]

Leonardo Corporation Tweets Photo of High Vacuum System

A new tweet has been posted on the Leonardo Corp. X account showing what is described as a ‘high vacuum system’. The caption states that it is used to make the E-Cat SKLep NGU. This is a high vacuum system shown in a lab of Leonardo Corporation which is used to make the E-Cat SKLep […]

Prometheus Project Announcement: LENR Reactor Produces Green Hydrogen (not by electrolysis)

An announcement has been made by Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso, an innovation district in Bergamo, Italy, regarding the Prometheus Project. (Salvatore Mojorana is the nephew of the famous Italian physicist, Ettore Majorana). (The following is translated from the original Italian) “We have created a reactor capable of developing high-efficiency green energy. From […]

Useful Energy from the Zero-Point Field (Patent Application)

Thanks to Domenico Canino for sharing the following patent application published in August 2023. The author is David Brian Clemens of Westcliffe Colorado. “Method and apparatus that uses pulsed, counter-rotating plasmas to extract useful energy from the zero-point field and/or to modify or nullify the forces of gravity and inertia, or the properties of mass” […]

Paper: “Charge Clusters, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Electron Structure” (Giorgio Vassallo)

A new paper (April 2024) has been published on ResearchGate written by Giorgio Vassallo titled “Charge Clusters, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Electron Structure”. The paper focuses on how “coherent charge clusters” could play a critical role in phenomena observed by researches in the LENR and related field. Vassallo bases his theory on a […]

Testing of E-Cat Core Shown in New Photo

Another photo has been posted on the Leonardo Corporation Twitter page. The description reads: “A setup showing testing and measuring of the core of the E-Cat NGU, with connected spectrometer, oscilloscopes and multimeters. ” I believe that the core of the E-Cat is in the foreground, between the wooden blocks. It looks like it […]