Ecat SKLep: ‘Light Energy into Electrical Energy’

Until we have units we can actually test, it’s going to be difficult to verify comments that Andrea Rossi makes about the Ecat SKLep. Almost everything we have to go on comes from Rossi himself. That said, I found this Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today quite interesting: Paolo Bernasconi January 20, 2022 […]

Plasma Kinetics: Storing Hydrogen on Film or Discs

Thanks to an ECW reader for sending a link to a video from the E is for Electric YouTube Channel which deals with electric vehicles. This is an interview with Paul Smith of Plasma Kinetics He discusses his company’s technology which involves storing hydrogen on CDs or film. Some quotes from the video: “We […]

Rossi: SKLep operating at Sigma 5

In 2017, when Andrea Rossi developing the E-Cat QX (the first version of the current SKLep) he was focused intently on achieving a level of performance classified as Sigma 5. This was a determination of the reliability of the Ecat, and Sigma 5 was the highest level, and the one he needed to achieve. Yesterday, […]

Brilliant Light Power Updated Business Presentation

Thanks to an ECW reader for sending me a link to a slideshow showing an updated business presentation (January 2022) by Brilliant Light Power There is a lot of information in the presentation about the market that BLP is targeting, which is basically the whole of the energy sector. They emphasize that the opportunities […]

“Orders are Flowing”

Andrea Rossi has become more vague when it comes to reporting the number of pre-orders for Ecat SKLeps he has received. The last couple of comments he has made in response to questions about this topic have received the same reply: “over 600000” Today someone pressed him again: Gavino Mamia January 12, 2022 at 5:02 […]

Leonardo Taking Orders for 1 MW+ Ecat Power Plants

On the and websites, Leonardo Corporation is now offering pre-built electricity generating power plants. Here is the description: It is possible now to order pre-built electricity generating Ecat SKLep Plants from Leonardo Corporation. These plants are configured by Leonardo Corp. and are shipped as a completed plant, ready to operate when installed […]