Leonardo Corp. Publishes Photo of a E-Cat NGU Heater

Another new photo has been added to Leonardo Corporation’s X account today. This one is of what is described as “a prototype heater we have under development in our lab. This heater is powered by the E-Cat NGU, no connection to the grid is needed.” The E-Cat began as a heater. Initially it was thought […]

New Photo Showing Current Form Inside E-Cat

Here is a new post and photo on Leonardo Corporation’s X/Twitter account showing a waveform on an oscilloscope: Here is a photo of the current form inside the reactor of the E-Cat pic.twitter.com/ymAOR8Bfl0 — E-Cat The New Fire (@LeonardoCorpor3) April 17, 2024 The caption reads “Here is a photo of the current form inside the […]

Video: “I Failed – Why Academia Sucks” (Sabine Hossenfelder)

I watched this video this morning and thought I’d share it here. YouTube physicist Sabine Hossenfelder gives a short account of her career as a physicist and discusses her experience of trying to have a satisfying career as a scientist in academia, and why it ultimately did not work out for her. She talks about […]

Friends of the Earth Sues to Prevent Extension of California Nuclear Plant Operation

Environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth has filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Energy because of the DOE’s recent decision to award $1 billion to keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California beyond its scheduled closure in 2025. The Diablo Canyon plant provides 9 per cent of California’s electricity […]

The Case Against the Plasmoid Theory of the EVO Reaction (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil The case against the plasmoid theory of the EVO reaction. https://https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage A Faraday cage cannot shield the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. A Faraday cage is made of a conductor that responds to electric fields, but it is not affected by strong magnetostatic fields. A Faraday […]

Video: “Cosmic Summit Live Plasmoidian Edition w/ Randall Carlson, Malcolm Bendall, Bob Greenyer + more!”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for the following post and video link to an online discussion: “Cosmic Summit Live Plasmoidian Edition w/ Randall Carlson, Malcolm Bendall, Bob Greenyer + more!” Get your tickets here [for the 2024 Cosmic Summit to be held in Greensboro, North Carolina]: https://bit.ly/cosmicsummit Don’t forget these MFMP discount codes! BOOM50 – $50 […]

New scientific paradigm: Primacy of movement.Low Energy Nuclear Fusion Chain Reaction (LENR) is a new source of carbon-free energy and a non-mechanical engine.

.byAleksandr NikitinE-mail: nikitinaleksandrp@gmail.com

.Read the whole articleDownload the ZIP file.AbstractThe modern scientific paradigm has exhausted itself.The motion of matter, including low-energy nuclear reactions LENR and gravity, the description of which is the task of science, can be further cognized solely on the basis of a new scientific paradigm:

Postulating the primacy of the […]