The E-Cat Revolution

Some people will remember that more than two decades ago, in 1989, two American scientists Fleischmann and Pons tryed to achieve the so-called ‘cold fusion’ . It was not true, but the news raised enormous interest throughout the world and the reason was more than obvious: the hope of producing clean energy cheaply and in large quantities became real.

In all these years the discussion has continued in the scientific world between supporters and detractors of the theory. The argument is now back strongly at the center thanks two Italians: Sergio Focardi , professor emeritus of physics at the University of Bologna, and Andrea Rossi , an engineer from Bologna. In short, their apparatus can produce nuclear energy by using a bar of nickel and gas hydrogen heated to a low temperature. It goes back a few days ago a press conference in Athens in which they presented the ‘ E-Cat , the energy catalyzer that could revolutionize the world.


It remains to wait for scientific confirmation on the actual effectiveness of this process that for obvious reasons (the practice of patent is not yet complete) is partially covered by secret.


If you are a dreamer like me, hope that all this will come true: the world is in desperate need of clean energy and even though I am a supporter of a controlled decrease, I am not so obtuse to preclude the idea that human beeing is not yet come to an end. 

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