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Andrea Rossi
August 13th, 2011 at 5:26 PM

Dear Enzo Bellato:
Thank you for your friendship: I’m delighted of it. Be sure and bet: the E-Cat technology will be put at the service of Mankind, first because our USA Partners have the necessary structure, second because my life is on these stakes. Of course we will have to face contrasting interests that will do all they can to destroy or discredit this work; we have some snakes around, paid by the competition, that are trying to destroy all this work before it can have its natural development: you have seen the personal attacks against me, and you will see much worst that this: the 1 MW start up of October terrorizes some, because now, for the first time, LENR are not small lab apparatuses not able to create real competition, but are real industrial power generation systems. Anyway, do not worry, because:
1- in my life I have seen much worse than this, and I am not easy to be impressed
2- these attempts are futile, because there is no snake around, even well paid, that will be able to forbid to my 1 MW plant to go in operation in October in such a place and with such Scientists arount to test it, that the efforts of our enemies will be, as I already said, attempts to stop the Niagara Falls throwing against them dirt with a shovel.
Warm Regards,

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One Response to Rossi: the E-Cat enemies will not able to stop the Niagara Falls with a shovel

  1. Antonio Coco scrive:

    Ing. Rossi,

    voglio esprimerle tutta la mia ammirazione per il suo progetto.

    Spero che lei possa superare tutte le difficoltà ed i contrasti e dare a tutti noi l'energia pulita del futuro.

    Distinti Saluti

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