The pursuit of happiness is the goal of the mankind. But this desire, common to all of us, must deal with the two mentalities that coexist and collide in our minds, positive thinking that leads us to be idealistic and optimistic, and the realism that leads us to be skeptical and pessimistic .
The optimist is a visionary one that focuses on the final. The realist is skeptical – and sometimes even negative – because his attention is on the path, not the outcome.
The story of the ‘E-Cat’ is fully embedded in this conflict between the two mentalities and the discussion becomes emphatic, sometimes even violent.
We do not know the end of this story, but I am on the side of the idealists and I am convinced that the magic of Mr. Rossi will defeat the army of skeptics. To break the tension around the story, I found a famous Italian cartoon by Bruno Bozzetto: it was made when I was a child, ​​more than 40 year ago, and it reminded me how the children believe that the moon could be touched with a finger. Tomorrow they will touch it thanks to the ‘E-Cat’.
Video Link: Mr. Rossi Looks for happiness

Versione in italiano: Il Signor Rossi e la Ricerca della Felicità

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One Response to Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness

  1. Andrea Nisto scrive:

    Dear Massimo Cali,

    I wish to thank you for the Cartoon of Bozzetto: I rememember it Mr. Rossi since I was a kid…

    I also share your position concerning the different views of the e-cat and I would like to add a comment taking my cue from the case of Mr. Krivit and his persistence.

    I really do not understand why Mr. Krivit, instead of writing rivers of useless words, can't wait till next October to see the plant that Mr. Rossi has promised to show publicly. Mr. Rossi is not evocating the end of the world, just asking to be patient 8 weeks more before formulating a final opinion on this matter, so no need to fuss or tearing hear out.

    If Mr. Krivit can't stop his huge production of documentation based on the nothingness I can only think of three possible causes:

    1. Mr. Krivit is so desperate, cause the lack of news, that he fights a personal battle trying not to loose his job. In this time of crise I humanly understand Mr. Krivit but I invite him to consider that Mr. Rossi's invention is possibly involving the future of the humankind and of the environment which are more important than his personal business and surely Mr. Rossi deserves a few weeks of benefit of the doubt, if not some support.

    2. Mr. Krivit is paid by someone who is damnaged by Rossi's invention and he rents 'his pen' for money without any consideration of his professional ethics and morality. No comment on this eventuality.

    3. Mr. Krivit really loves his job and puts his entire heart in it, loosing the control of a balanced and objective view of facts and without any professionality.

    May be there are other possible reasons of the behaviour of Mr. Krivit, or just a mix of all of them but I do not mind to inquire because I am sure that next October Mr. Krivit, or Mr. Rossi, will loose their credibility and one of the two will be branded forever: it's a match that can't have any parity score.

    I have my opinion and my wishes about the end (or let's call it the beginning) of this story and I do not want to add useless words to oceans of useless words of the 'pro' and 'contra' fans of Mr. Rossi but just to point out this annoying case as a sample that gives us the measure of how information is administered on the matter of energy (and not only).

    By now, there is really poor media coverage about Mr. Rossi's work: just small and extremely modest media like the one where Mr. Krivit writes, but reporting his case, I wish to signal pre-emptively any possible future power-controlled attacks, misinformation and manipulated news as it daily happens on mass media.

    Useless signalation? May be but I think that 'forewarned is forearmed'.

    Kindest regards


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