I’ve been following this story for some time now. It appears that various media outlets are starting to write about the E-Cat.

If this turns out to be “for real”, then this is likely to have unbelievably profound effects on the way everything works, industrially, politically, and socially.




If you’ve not heard of the E-Cat, the short version of the story goes like this:

A physicist and successful energy businessman from Italy appears to be ready to demonstrate a 1Megawatt power generating system that uses Low-Energy-Nuclear-Reaction.

“L.E.N.R” is the slightly less laughed-at cousin of Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion was dismissed by the world’s scientific community shortly after Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons dramatically announced it as the savior of the world’s energy needs from their podium at the University of Utah, 22 years ago. L.E.N.R is the phrase used to avoid saying “Cold Fusion”

Andrea Rossi has teamed up with a physicist named Sergio Focardi at the University of Bologna in Italy and they claim to have developed a kind of power generating station that uses powdered nickel, and outputs lots of energy and a little bit of copper. Mr Rossi has given lots and lots of interviews, and he does not seem like a crank. A closed demo of the system on October 6th in front of a group of scientists appears to have confirmed that energy appears to have been generated by the device.

October 28th is the day when he unveils a 1Megawatt power generating system. The location of this event has not yet been announced, but they claim to have a large number of important people coming to witness this machine.

It sounds outlandish and completely impossible..I know.

I became interested in this several months ago because I found it to be an interesting and bizarre story, (and saving the world has always been a secret co-dependent dream of mine).

My expertise is in social work, not physics. My analysis is that Mr. Rossi believes in the legitimacy of his work. I am quite sure that this is not an elaborate fraud. I do not speak for the physics.

I will definitely be interested in what gets unveiled on October 28 though.

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