Defkalion’s eCat Core | – Independent eCat News and Ny Teknik have updated their articles. Mats Lewan in the Ny Teknik piece has an astonishing claim by Defkalion GT. Formally Andrea Rossi’s potential partner with a provisional contract worth 200 million Euro, DGT were first dumped for allegedly breaching that contract and then claimed that they were continuing with their plans with or without AR. The implication seemed to be that the company were (indirectly]claiming to have the technology at the heart of the eCat even though Dr Rossi explicitly denied this.

For the first time, this claim seemed to be explicit – at least second-hand through Mats Lewan.

Meanwhile competition seems to build up. The Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies which had a license agreement with Rossi until August when Rossi communicated a breach of contract, recently claimed that it not only has developed a product for the energy market but also its own core technology based on “Rossi’s invention or similar inventions….[snip]

This is quite an astonishing claim. Mats continues:

According to Ny Teknik’s sources, Defkalion continues to meet with companies interested in acquiring licenses for manufacturing and distribution of Defkalion’s products, at a license fee amounting to 40.5 million Euros per factory.
The told Ny Teknik that Defkalion offers interested clients to see its technology and let them verify the validity of it with independent scientists of their choice, after having deposited 500,000 Euros in an escrow account.
UPDATE (Oct 21, 16:45): Defkalion confirms this information with the following statement: “Price for exclusive license is 40.5 million Euros which includes blue prints, transfer of knowledge, and training to establish an operating factory producing up to 300.000 Hyperion [Defkalion’s product name] units annually. Potential licensees contact Defkalion with an interest to assume this exclusive license. They are invited to perform independent tests on our products with their own instruments. The 500,000 Euros in an Escrow Account is payable only on the condition that they are satisfied by the results of their measurements and they wish to proceed in the signing of a full contract.” (End of update)

To nail the claim, Defkalion say this on their forum:

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We confirm only the information related with our company as posted by Mats Lewan
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Defkalion GT

Now, it comes from the horse’s mouth. It only truly means something if the eCat lives up to our hopes and AR’s promises. While the unfolding drama may not be particularly unusual in the world of business, it is extraordinary that the Net allows us to see the play unfold in real-time. The plot thickens.

[With thanks to AB and other members for alerting us about this in the comments section]

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