peswiki confirm:

Q&A just finished; reading of results; 470 kW maintained continuously during self-sustain; customer satisfied; sale made; more later.


24 Responses to E Cat Plant Shutting Down. Customer satisfied! | Peswiki via Twitter

  1. vin scrive:

    there must be some sort of black out on reporting …this is very important news…..why no interest from main stream media???

  2. MeBigFatGuy scrive:

    I smell something really bad emanating from italy.

  3. @silverloch scrive:

    It would have been nice had it produced 1 MW +. But 500kw is ok, especially if you are sure its a multiplicand of your input energy.

  4. Adam scrive:

    October 28 2011 Test of the 1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Device by Andrea Rossi

  5. pedrone scrive:

    uppaimppla wrote: Also, they say admit they were able to generate only less than 500 MW.

    What's the problem?
    Instead of to use one container with 1MW, the customer will use two containers with 0,5MW.

  6. Lensman scrive:

    Youtube video after Oct 28th demo. It works!

  7. abcd scrive:

    I'm not sure we'll learn much more from the AP unless the journalist is very good at asking questions to scientists who are present, because he seems to be @petersvensson, who covers "telecommunications, consumer electronics, etc. " for the AP. He doesn't seem to be someone who necessarily knows anything at all about energy…

  8. Ag1 scrive:

    What does the AP guy say?

  9. Joe Shea scrive:

    The tweeting indeed has been very limited but helpful. The AP writer is currently preparing their story. I called the AP's national desk a few minutes ago and they have called back once to say they couldn't identify the story and will search further. I gave them some more information and they will be calling back again, they said.

  10. abcd scrive:

    We need actual information. It is very nice of PESwiki to try to provide an update but it is not a very reputable source of information. The PESwiki website is all about levitation and loads of info about "magical" energy technologies, like "a device that draws electrostatic energy from the surroundings".

    • jeffsmathers scrive:

      Cold Fusion was considered a 'magical' energy up to a few hours ago…..

    • Sojourner Soo scrive:

      It's actually a very informative site on the Rossi E-Cat story. I've found lots of useful data there on this story. It acts much like an historical record, and that is always highly useful.

  11. Per scrive:

    Seems promising but need more data! Well done so far I guess!

  12. agentd scrive:

    Need more input. Look forward to seeing these results, video etc later tonight.

  13. V. A. scrive:

    Posting in a thread which is going to be written into the history books.

  14. Dr Mike scrive:

    All new technology begins rather modestly. If the e-cat only produced 10% excess power it still would be worthwhile. 470KW in self sustaining is by definition power with no external input. That is phenominal!
    I am itching for more substance, but this is a very encouraging start!

  15. Brad scrive:

    Here is the report:!/PESNetwork
    More details will come out. This is fantastic news.

  16. Danilo scrive:

    A new era is born today!

  17. Виталий scrive:

    Самые искренние поздравления, Андреа Росси! Те, кто так долго ждали и надеялись на этот исторический тест, чувствуют себя счастливыми!!!!

  18. Pipmon scrive:

    Is somebody kidding here? Potentially the greatest scientific achievement of all time as far as practical beneficial results to mankind is concerned and we get this!!!
    Whomever "admin" is, either get a true and complete verified factual report or abstain!
    "sale made, more later" what!!!!!

    • brucefast scrive:

      I am admin on another blog, I also am thirsty for more information. What do you want us admins to do, wait until we have a complete story, or let you know about the greatest scientific achievement of all time as soon as we hear the first whisper of news.

  19. Anthony Garcia scrive:

    Need more info ! Is there any more on this test and the buyer?????????

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