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7 Responses to Rossi: Here is the Report of the Test | JNP

  1. notsure scrive:

    On the page with the signatures, what is scribbled out? I can make out "For …….. Corporation"

  2. The Hated Skeptic scrive:

    Using your averages it appears as though your claims are correct however I am concerned that steam flow rate was not measured. Also for input power it says 66 KWH. Was this total metered power or per hour? How do we know that the heated water was ever turned into steam and that you overcame the heat of vaporization? The reason that I ask this is that it takes ~67 KW to convert 675.6 L of water from 18.3 degrees C to 104.5 in an hour. It takes an additional ~423 KW to convert it to steam. If they were using 66 KW/H and not converting to steam then they invented a very efficient water heater……

  3. Giovanni scrive:

    After the "warm up", the device could have been kept working for months….. so the initial energy used at the start up becomes more and more irrilevant. The most important ratio is between energy used to maintain the reaction (66 kWh from 12:30 to 18:00) and total energy produced. Or am I wrong?

  4. Georg scrive:

    It is clear from the excel curve that the device needed at least 2,5 hrs initially to "heat up"…however this phase and the energy which has been put IN is nowhere mentioned! You cannot claim the device created 2635kwH at a ratio 2635:0 , totally disregarding the fact that energy was put in since the device did not heat itself up by magic! Since you conveniently left out this data…it could very well be you needed to put in as much (or more) energy as was "produced".

  5. Pipmon scrive:

    Wow! My ninth grade kids do a better science project write-up than that!!!

    Actually, this gives it even more credence! Because of course a true eccentric can never be bothered to keep within the margins :) or write legibly.

    (guy should have been an M.D.)

  6. Georg scrive:


    this might very well be the case..there is only one problem: We haven't seen a device working for days, let alone weeks or months. I mean, i didn't? Did you or anyone else?

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