Dr. McKubrie brought up an issue in his recent presentation at the Science Café that a friend and I have been discussing for months.

Lets say Rossi’s device not only does what he claims but does even more and is no doubt a nuclear reactor, “cold fusion”, LENR, whatever. In that case can he import a nuclear reactor into the U.S.? Or any other country for that matter? Does not he have to have a nuclear power plant license for each and every e-cat in the U.S. from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. How  about the Italian government? Would they not be required to license every e-cat he makes and would they not have to report each one to the IAEA? And what about any buyers? Would they not have to obtain nuclear power plant licenses.

Rossi’s only patent really does not say nuclear. Maybe that is best. If he doesn’t claim in the patent nuclear than does he need the licenses. He has indicated he would give theory of operation after the first one was sold. Does he really want to? If he does and it is nuclear than would the nuclear issue descend on his product. If he gives a false chemical theory it would be fraud. I believe only Focardi has made the claim it is nuclear but I believe Rossi has skirted that exact phrase. Focardi is an adviser not the company. Rossi has not given a theory yet.

Note the name he applied to the device “The E-cat” or energy catalyzer. He didn’t call it the Nuclearalyzer or the Atomic Energy Machine. If he did would that prevent import and impose licensing due to immediate bureaucratic scrutiny?

What about the U.S. DOE. They are in kind of a bind. If they continue to claim his product does not exist as a ”cold fusion” or any other type of nuclear reactor then they can not be  involved with nuclear regulation. But if D.O.E and the N.R.C, want to regulate his device than they would have to admit it was nuclear. This would bring wrath and extreme criticism on them for not admitting it earlier. Then because of all the regulations it would mean vast delays in implementation. Since Rossi’s has shrewdly made a lot of publicity about the e-cat the public would not stand for it. If DOE/NRC admitted the product was a real cold fusion device the public would definitely consider it real. The public would look to the product as a breakthrough technology that would be a great boon to the economy and everyone’s welfare. What if DOE/NRC admitted it was “cold fusion” or any similar nuclear title for the effect and then tried to claim it was dangerous? Rossi has made enough demonstrations with enough qualified witnesses that that would not be accepted. But DOE and those involved with ITER have a real problem. It will be recognized the billions of dollars and Euros spent of hot fusion without reasonable expense on cold fusion would be viewed as a grand fiasco. Heads might roll. In the U.S. certain people might be accused of treason for driving the research to other countries.

What about all the demonstrations Rossi has done? Would Rossi want to really prove it was nuclear? No I do not think so. He would just want to show it has more energy than competitive technologies. If he were to prove it was nuclear than here comes the licenses and government interference and regulation that would apply to uranium fission power plants. It really should not apply to this kind of device but would not regulatory agencies want to retain and guard their regulatory power. Rossi would not want to have that kind of regulation. Notice he keeps advertising a COP of 6. If he said COP of 35 would that be construed as it has to be nuclear. He runs the demonstrations in the self sustain mode just long enough to make most accept it works but allows for critics to claim various chemical power or other means. Rather slick I would say.

What about the critics? Rossi calls some normal critics, some pseudo-critics, and some snakes. I would guess the ones he labels snakes are competitors. But what about some of the pseudo-critics. Might some be Rossi’s own allies. Would he want enough doubt that the the nuclear people cannot label it a nuclear power plant. Might some of the most vocal critics actually be allies continually casting doubt that it works particularly as a nuclear device. Might Rossi’s goal be to get a lot of modules out there in the industrial world before there is any absolute consensus it is nuclear. If he does would it force governments to either exempt them or class them as some kind of new non threatening device.

Rossi may need the critics to keep blasting away.It might just work out just right for him. The only issue is this large contract for 13 one MW plants. Could a government claim they “discovered” it was nuclear and shut Rossi down if a government bought these. Again I thought it was very shrewd of Rossi to have numerous people present went the acceptance test was read out loud. The customer can not say his representative did not accept it and since there were radiation measurements made that showed nil above background radiation I guess it wasn’t nuclear. Rossi is going to have to do something like that for each unit or the politicians will outsmart him and arrest him for producing nuclear power plants with out proper licenses.

This issue of nuclear power plant  licensing tied to “cold fusion” will apply to others claiming this type of energy. So will there be a mechanism set up in the U.S. to benefit political insiders and top bureaucrats. So does Larson claim some form of mechanism that will circumvent this issue. Will Ahern claim some form of mechanism that will facilitate some way to get by this issue maybe with bureaucratic help. This whole issue may become similar to the wind turbine industry in the U.S. Significant percentage of the D,C, insiders are involved in the wind turbine industry. The rules are written to basically require and facilitate wind turbine power. Then those involved are invested through LLCs and and through that are benefited with production tax credits where they pay little to no personal income tax. Would not it be possible to set up something similar in the “cold fusion” arena. I note the U.S. P.O. has recently accepted  patents from NASA and from Ahern (former long time AIR Force researcher) associated with LENR even though they have been resistant to other cold fusion/LENR filings. Can the rule writers keep this for their own profit and is Rossi an outsider? Are some of the critics associated with insiders?


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10 Responses to Did Dr. McKubre Let the E-Cat Out of the Bag?

  1. quotient2 scrive:

    The devices under consideration would not be subject to regulation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as either "production facilities" or "utilization facilities," which by definition have a link to fissile materials.

    The only way the NRC might have jurisdiction is if anyone were to produce, possess, own, etc. any "byproduct material," which under an amended definition includes:

    any material that–
    (i) has been made radioactive by use of a particle accelerator; and
    (ii) is produced, extracted, or converted after extraction, before, on, or after the date of enactment of this paragraph for use for a commercial, medical, or research activity;

    [The NRC's byproduct materials regulations define "particle accelerator" this way (10 CFR 30.4):

    Particle accelerator means any machine capable of accelerating electrons, protons, deuterons, or other charged particles in a vacuum and of discharging the resultant particulate or other radiation into a medium at energies usually in excess of 1 megaelectron volt. For purposes of this definition, accelerator is an equivalent term.]

  2. Jorge Jimenez scrive:

    Lo relevante en todo esto es que quien se oponga al progreso y a nuevos descubrimientos que pueden mejorar el modo de vida para todo el mundo, pues quien no se quiera a sí mismo, no podría querer tampoco el progreso, ni el equilibrio de fuerzas, ni la estabilidad de los sistemas, ni el beneficio de una sociedad hambrienta de soluciones a tanta carestía y tanta falta de energía por doquier.
    Andrea Rossi y Sergio Focardi nos devuelven la esperanza con el E-Cat, esperanza y futuro para todos Sí.

  3. Robert Mockan scrive:

    Any process that changes the atomic number of an element (changes the number of protons in the nuclei) is a nuclear process. The E-Cat has been publicized as changing nickel to copper. That is transmutation, the changing of the number of protons in nickel to the number of protons in copper.
    That is a nuclear process. It is not what most people have been taught is a nuclear reactor, with radiation, radioactive waste, and uranium. But the E-Cat is a nuclear reactor. Transmutation equals nuclear. Eventually the NRC in the USA will have to deal with that. By definition, the E-Cat is nuclear, both scientifically and "legally". There is no "maybe" about it. So if the NRC decides to regulate it, require permits, or even prohibit it being bought or sold, no one can object on the basis that it is not nuclear. Because it is.

  4. Whisk scrive:

    E-cat is not a bomb, it's like a fire to produce energy. I will buy it immediately if it will work.

  5. Mike scrive:

    Hard hitting facts here, lets hope that Rossi can weather the storm ! I think he will he is that kind of guy.

  6. Fibber McGourlick scrive:

    If Rossi has discovered a way to produce cheap energy without pollution, it will spread throughout the world like a tidal wave. Anyone trying to block it might as well try to block out the sunlight. If it's real, it's the biggest deal in history.

  7. kwhilborn scrive:

    If the government reacted that way they would be deemed petty by the world, and would not keep office long if its a republic. There is nothing dangerous about this process.

    There are no unstable radioactive ingredients or by-products, and anyone with a grade 5 education could see this. This entire article is just scaremongering in my opinion.

    Wind turbine industries as well as all green technologies will be wiped out, and even if the government tried to ban these there would just be a surge of black market kits out there soon enough. Anyone stupid enough to invest in wind turbines or green technologies in light of what has been happening is someone who is not interested enough in their investment to read about it.

    Nuclear does not imply dangerous, and if the government did try to regulate this with The Nuclear Regulatory Commission then they would probably be sued from multiple fronts. Hell I might even sue them for purposefully keeping my bills high when there is cheaper and safer green tech out there.

    LENR is a green technology. No radioactive waste. The process yields a very slight difference from background radiation in the process which can be safely shielded by lead. X-rays are similar, yet this is not even a significant amount., almost immeasurable.

    E-cats will soon be powering your cars, which means 600 million gas guzzling cars off the road by 2020. Imagine breathing in that crisp country air while still in the city.

    I will admit that The Nuclear Regulatory Commission may find itself redundant along with the wind turbiners of today, but technology will not be stopped.

    There are already plans for LENR devices on the internet from more than one source. I will compare it to someone who has just invented fire. Would the Fire Regulatory Commission be able to stop it from being smuggled everywhere and shared amongst friends. This is fire!

    I wish all writers would look at the wonders of it and not try to "scare people".

  8. ? scrive:

    I really hope governments don’t interfere with this. You can imagine many special interest groups would not like to see this new technology.

    • AlainSepeda scrive:

      In europe I'm sure Governement will interfere.
      I love when it does it's jobs of controlling abuse, but since a few years it seems to react crazily to NGO lobbies, and various manipulation…

      imagine that they start to be afraid about antennas, mutated plants… how will they react to nuclear reaction… unlike the government, they can believe in cold fusion, like some believe in the devil…

      the only chance for me will be to be quicker than they, then play the "preceding advantage"…
      but I'm afraid that the green malthusianist will be quick to block the border…

  9. Alain scrive:

    When I ask my dear wife, what she think will be the reaction of the society to the discovery (if real), she told me that the "oligarchy" will arrange for the common people not to be able to take advantage of the disovery.

    it happens all the time she said… the discoveries are privatized by a small group…

    The nickel is not a limiting factor, nor hydrogen, nor even the Intellectual property, because AFAIK ther can be turnaround to make cold fusion, different ways, with different catalysers and methods…

    the good way to restrict the profit to the oligarchy, is

    SAFETY, and precaution principle.

    I think that the malthusianist ecologist will fight for their cause with all their courage to kill the -Cat…
    and Exxon, Areva, GE, will give the weapons to restrict the usage to themselves…

    it have been the same with Diesel Bio-Fuel based on Oil. basically plain pressed and filtered vegetal oil can be put in and old diesel engine as it… but the oil industry managed to make Di6esther mandatory, because it require petro-chemical competence and sizing…

    so, I think that I will never be allowed to put an e-cat in my cave…
    and that once again green will work for the "oligarchy"…

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