Will the E-Cat home unit make any unwanted noise in my home?

I have been following the E-Cat story for only a few short months now. I have read many posts and reviewed many articles. As a consumer, I was mainly concerned with two things with regard to the practicality of installing an E-Cat unit in my home.

1.  Electrical inputs – Will the E-Cat run on my 120VAC/60HZ/20AMP home circuitry?

2.  Noise – Will the E-Cat home unit make any unwanted noise in my home?

It is my understanding that the E-Cat has some kind of internal frequency generator in it. This was my biggest concern. I was worried that I would shell out a few hundred bucks for a space heater that sounds like a cat caught in a meat blender. Or a high pitch noise coming out of it that might kill my dog.

I could not find answers to these questions on E-Cat world so I decided to ask Mr. Rossi himself. I sent a message to Mr. Rossi on 6/27/2012 asking him both questions. His response (in true Rossi fashion) was,

“Dear Sir, Yes and Yes, Warm Regards, A.R.”.

It is great that it will run on standard United States electricity. The noise, however, is still an issue. It would be helpful to learn more about the noise.  If it sounds loud and angry, it could be a deal breaker for me. If anyone out there knows anything about what kind of noise it makes, please post a link. I’m sure I am not the only one who is concerned about this.  

On a side note,  for the people who still think that the E-Cat is a hoax. It might be interesting to note that Mr. Rossi admitting that the E-Cat produces an undesirable noise may be evidence that the E-Cat is real. It seems to me that if it were a hoax, he wouldn’t have made such an admission, but rather have said that it works perfectly and silently.

Jeff Clark
Sr. Lab Technician
Group Dekko Innovation Center

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