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Community Meeting In Mullumbimby To Discuss Andrea Rossi Ecat

A community meeting in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia at the Ex-Services Club will discuss about the credibility of Andrea Rossi E-cat tonight, January 13th. The latest news regarding the controversial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has been reported and published recently in an Australian daily broadsheet newspaper, The Sydney […]

Andrea Rossi E-Cat Automation In the Works

As the goal of Leonardo Corporation has already been announced to the public, it will be safe to say that they are in the thick of things. Production of one million Andrea Rossi E-Cats is a job that needs perfect planning to optimize efficiency. It is expected that by August of this year, the infrastructure […]

Andrea Rossi Ecat-Powered Cyclone Steam Engine Could Happen Soon

When the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi successfully delivered thermal power, the positive results took the scientific community by storm. Andrea Rossi Ecat is now named as the first commercially successful LENR device. Scientific research study shows that LENR is a possible source to produce heat. Many respected scientists recognize […]

Is Andrea Rossi E-cat An Impossible Dream?

The current status of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR technology shows a massive social reaction from both the scientific and non-scientific community. The invention of Andrea Rossi E-cat, which is considered as the first commercially successful LENR device, received mixed response. It initially received disinterest from the mainstream media and many scientists expressed heavy […]

Why the Andrea Rossi E-Cat will Rock 2012

After the announcements of the launch of the 10 kW domestic Andrea Rossi e-cat was made an imaginary pressure was loosened. The public is able to relax and wait for fall when the Andrea Rossi e-cat shall be released. Editor at Forbes magazine Mark Gibbs sums up the reason why the public has been on […]

Andrea Rossi E-Cat: Ready To Heat Homes

In his latest post on his official blog site, Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi said that his device is still in the development stage of converting heat into electricity. But it is now ready to power heaters for household use.  Leonardo Corporation is now accepting pre-orders for Andrea Rossi E-Cat for home heating application. […]

The Roller Coaster Ride of the Andrea Rossi E-Cat

In answer to a question posted in his blog, Journal of Nuclear Physics, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi tells us to expect that Leonardo Corporation will soon be given the certification probably for the Andrea Rossi E-Cat that is designed for home use. It should be remembered that he originally estimated the release of the Home […]

1M Andrea Rossi E-cat Units Within 2012

Italian Engineer Andrea Rossi has recently issued an official statement regarding his goal in 2012. In his statement, Rossi revealed when the home-based Andrea Rossi E-cat units would penetrate the market: “I hope within 2012. We must have a production of 1 million pieces immediately, to put the price at a level to reach these […]