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Andrea Rossi Interview

Sterling Allan of  Pure Energy Systems News and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld recently interviewed Andrea Rossi about the LENR technology he has been perfecting.  The interview was hosted by Gary Hendershot with SmartScarecrow. Here is some of the information that Allan shared concerning the interview, which ran an hour and a half. Sterling Allan asked […]

Rossi’s Next Project

After photos of Hot Cat to be delivered have been released and commercial production has begun of the 1 MW plants, some have wondered what Andrea Rossi will do with his time. However, he has stated on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that the E-Cat is a part of him, and he will never be “finished” […]

News on The E-Cat Front

There has been a lot of rumor lately about a potential fund from Elforsk (Swedish Energy R&D Organization) aimed at studying the E-Cat. Rossi has just cleared out all the rumors … Thank you for your interesting question-information. We do not have contacts with this Laboratory and consequently I have not information about their work, […]

Plumbing An E-Cat

Andrea Rossi had predicted that entrepreneurs and inventors would take his technology further than he, himself, could ever imagine. While he still maintains that LENR power for personal automobiles is still decades away, he does admit that who knows what will happen when the technology hits the open market. Apparently, it is not necessary for […]

Rossi On Competitors

Andrea Rossi, just recently, posted a statement on his Journal of Nuclear Physics concerning his competitors in LENR research. There are some competitors who, at times, have appeared to present a real threat to Rossi’s developments of this field. But, they have yet to produce a working product. Then, there are those who attempt to […]

Clustered Reactors In The Hot Cat

Now that the third party has completed its testing of the Hot Cat, and reported to Andrea Rossi that findings are favorable, Rossi is willing to release a little more information about his invention. Shortly after he announced that the independent third party was finished with its testing, Mr. Rossi responded to some questions from Steven […]

Andrea Rossi Hot Cat Plant Updates

With all of the excitement over the conclusion of third party testing, Andrea Rossi let his readers in another bit of news. He has re-designed the Hot Cat to use an activator, which he calls a “mouse”. But the new design won’t be used on the Hot Cat unit being built for his civilian customer. […]

Rossi Anticipates More Results To Come

Tumultuous enthusiasm reigns after Andrea Rossi’s announcement of a successful conclusion of the third party testing. While Rossi, himself, does not have any specifics to share, he has told that the testers he spoke with were excited about what they found as the results of their testing. In the past, Andrea Rossi has commented on […]

Andrea Rossi In Good Shape For Funding

Andrea Rossi has said in the past that he never accepts government or institutional funding. All of his research is paid for by himself and the Leonardo Corp. Add to that, now, the money Leonardo Corp. makes from selling E-Cats, and the business is pretty self-sustaining. Recently, Bernie Koppenhofer asked Mr. Rossi about funding for […]

ICCF 18 Conference Coming Up

The University of Missouri, partnered with Purdue University, is hosting the ICCF-18, or, The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion. This year’s conference will be held from July 21 through July 27, 2013. The last conference was held last August in South Korea, and in India for the first time in 2011. The first conference […]

The E-Cats Level of Availability

Just a few days ago, Steven Karels asked Andrea Rossi, via the Journal of Nuclear Physics, about the amount of time the E-Cat is available for use. This is the E-Cat that is currently in use by the anonymous military customer of last year.  Karels asked: “1. What level of availability did you experience? 2. […]

Relative Costs of E-Cat

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, recently, a commenter who goes by the name Giuseppe asked Andrea Rossi about various costs related to the E-Cat and Hot Cat. Giuseppe made the point that nuclear power costs about 9 cents per kW hour. In addition, radioactive waste is produced. He asked Rossi how much it would […]

10KW E-Cat Updates

The 1 MW E-Cats being sold by the Leonardo Corp. are made up of a relay of 10kW units. These plants are the ones with safety certification, and they are being sold internationally. The first 1 MW plant that is promised to be opened to the public is supposed to be delivered sometime soon.  Unfortunately, […]

Hydrogen in the E-Cat

It Is a well-known fact that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats and Hot Cats do not present a radiation threat. The only radiation is via gamma rays, which are contained. The gamma rays stop immediately if the unit overheats and melts the nickel within the unit, and when the unit is shut down. However, there have been […]