Author: brucefast

Lets not forget Piantelli

In 1995, Piantelli filed patents on a nickel + hydrogen = copper reaction.  He claims a 2 to 3 times power multiplier.  Further claims include his reaction operating without any heat input.  Piantelli’s reaction operates without any catalyst as Dr. Rossi’s reaction has. The frustrating thing about Piantelli is that he has been able to […]

How I have invested for the e-cat

For reasons that have nothing to do with Dr. Rossi’s e-cat, investing is a challenge right now to say the least.  I have, however made some changes to my personal portfolio (though it isn’t huge) in response to the pending e-cat (see article in I have placed some money in Cyclone Power Technologies (CYPW) […]

21st Century Careers

When I was a young adult the message was clear, “go into computers, that’s where the money is”.   Turns out, that’s where my desire and talent was, so that’s what I did.  But when Rossi’s energy catalyzer is discovered by the world, what careers will blossom?  I can think of two. The first is […]