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Report: QuantumState Solid State Battery Far Surpasses Lithium-Ion

Thanks to a reader for sharing a link to a report from Yahoo! Finance which discusses a potentially revolutionary battery technology being developed by QuantumScape, a Silicon Valley company which is developing solid state batteries that are claimed to have a far superior performance in comparison to lithium-ion cells. QuantumScape’s largest investor is Volkswagen […]

New FAQs About the E-Cat SKLep NGU

There are some new questions and answers on the FAQ page of Leonardo Corporation’s website. Here is the link to the page, and below are the new Q&As which are the first questions of the page. What is the E-Cat SKLep NGU? The E-Cat SKLep NGU is a device that generates electricity based on […]

Indications of Plasmoid Activity in Thunderstorm Generator

Here is a new video from the YouTube Channel Alchemical Science that discusses findings from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial project which indicates that the Thunderstorm Generator of Malcolm Bendall is creating plasmoid phenomena during its operation. Also, there is a new video from the MFMP’s channel showing closeup image of an 8 year old section […]

E-Cat SKLep Datasheet to Change

It looks like E-Cat SKLeps are about to get bigger. When you click on the datasheet link on the top menu of the website, there is this statement: Please note: As we resolve technical problems that were discovered in October 2023, we are making some modifications to our E-Cat SKLep cells. Therefore, the datasheet […]

ENG8 Video: George Egely Talks About Catalyzed Fusion

Here is a video in which George Egely talks about the energy production process that is used in the ENG8 EnergiCell. He is makes a distinction between what ENG8 calls ‘catalyzed fusion’ and the fusion process used in the ‘hot’ fusion industry in which energy from nuclear fusion is achieved by a brute force process […]

Leonardo Corporation Statement on Current State of E-Cat Development

A statement has been posted on the Leonardo Corporation website, and linked on X, titled “Update from Leonardo Corporation on the Current State of E-Cat Development” Here is the text of the statement: Leonardo Corporation continues to develop its E-Cat technology as a solution to many of the most pressing energy-related problems that face […]

Video: ENG8 Cell Verified by Underwriters Laboratory to Generate Electricity with COP of 5

A new video has been published by British company ENG8 which reports on testing done on an ENG8 electricity generating cell, by certification company UL Solutions, also known as Underwriter Laboratories. The testing took place at Culham Science Park in Oxfordshire, England. UL engineer Stefano Giordano states in the video that he verified that the […]