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Guess Who Owns The Domain Name

Things are getting very curious in E-Cat world! If you follow this link: you will end up at: That is, at Exxon-Mobil’s Energy and Technology page, where it reads: Thanks to some comments to this post, it looks like this is a coincidence. A Whois search shows that the domain name was first …

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NyTeknik Releases Videos and Photos of Rossi’s 1 MW Power Plant and a New E-Cat Test

The Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik has released  a video and photographs taken by Mats Lewan of the 1 MW power plant that Andrea Rossi is planning to put in operation in the United States in October. The plant consists of 52 E-Cats, all connected, inside a steel shipping container. Apparently this is a new model …

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Rossi Suggests E-Cat Technology Could Be Incorporated Into Existing Nuclear Power Plants

As the world wonders what to do about existing nuclear fission power plants which process radioactive fuels and produce dangerous radioactive waste, Andrea Rossi asserts that it would be possible to replace the current reactors with E-Cat reactors which he maintains use or produce no hazardous materials. On reader commented: “Maybe in the future your …

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