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Rossi Announces Livestream Will Not Resume

Today Andrea Rossi posted the following announcement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi March 29, 2024 at 4:12 AM Dear Readers: Important information: We decided not to resume the streaming that has been interrupted in October. The reasons are: 1- it is unavoidable and out of our control that now and again the […]

Japanese Team Reports Anomalous Heat Generation from Nano-Structured Metal Composites and Hydrogen Gas System

Thanks to a reader for letting me know about an article published this month (March 2024) in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics in which a team at Tohoku University in Japan have reported anomolous excess heat production in a system using nano-structured multilayer metal composites and hydrogen gas. Article Title: “Anomalous heat generation that […]

Some Changes With the E-Cat NGU

From recent comments by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics it sounds like some changes have been made in the development of the newest version of the E-Cat, which is the E-Cat NGU. The main difference seems to be that the E-Cat NGU at the moment is being developed as a base 100 […]

Next-Generation Geothermal Interest Growing

I have noticed a growing interest in geothermal as a possible breakthrough energy source. This week, at the large energy conference CERAWeek, held in Houston, Texas, there are going to be various presentations about the potential of geothermal energy, and the U.S. Department of Energy is expected to publish a new ‘Liftoff’ report about the […]

Data Centers for Crypto mining and AI Causing Electricity Demand to Soar

An article in the New Yorker by Elizabeth Kolbert titled “The Obscene Energy Demands of A.I.” discusses the impact that data centers that run both artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency server systems have on the demand for electricity. The article quotes Open IA CEO Sam Altman on the topic who said recently at the World […]

“Compact Fusion” (Horace R. Drew)

Thanks to lifeiswhatyoumakeit for posting about this on the Always Open thread. He asks “Is anyone here aware of the work of Dr Horace Drew and what he terms “Compact Fusion” ?” I had not heard of him until now, and some searching on X and found a couple of recent tweets from Dr. Horace […]

Introducing the Lenr Bot

A reader sent me a link to a bot he has created called lenr bot. He says it is based on thousands of Disqus comments from E-Cat World, as well as the entire MFMP corpus of YouTube videos. As an example, I asked the bot how the E-Cat works. Here was the response: The […]

E-Cat NGU Problems ‘Are Being’ Resolved

Andrea Rossi gives very little detail about the situation in terms of the situation with the development of the E-Cat NGU. A number of inquirers are trying to find out if the NGU is ready, if all problems have been resolved. He usually responds to questions with a yes or a no, which leaves room […]

US Senate Committe on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing on Geologic Hydrogen

Yesterday the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing “To Examine the Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Developing Geologic Hydrogen in the United States” Geologic hydrogen refers to hydrogen that is available in naturally in the earth, and which can potentially be drilled for and accessed to be used as an […]

LENR and Dark Photon Hypotheses (Axil Axil)

The following is a post made by Axil Axil on another thread on this site. I have a prediction with regards to the theory of the LENR reaction. It has become apparent to me that the light produced by the LENR reaction might well be forms from dark photons. The dark photon is theorized […]

The Jevons Paradox – Energy Savings Never Realized

The Jevons Paradox: I just came across this term today in an article from the New York Times by Ed Conway titled “The Paradox Holding Back the Clean Energy Revolution”; link below The paradox refers to the trend that as energy becomes more available and at a lower cost, the use of increases, meaning […]

Paper: “”Anomalous heat generation that cannot be explained by known chemical reactions produced by nano-structured multilayer metal composites and hydrogen gas” (Iwamura, et. al)

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting the following article in the Always Open thread. It is a pre-print article, which has been accepted for publication in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics titled “Anomalous heat generation that cannot be explained by known chemical reactions produced by nano-structured multilayer metal composites and hydrogen gas” The authors […]

Fusion Research Facility Reports New Energy Record (UK Atomic Energy Authority Press Release)

The UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Culham Centre for Fusion Energy published the following news release yesterday: Fusion research facility JET’s final tritium experiments yield new energy record February 8, 2024 The Joint European Torus (JET), one of the world’s largest and most powerful fusion machines, has demonstrated the ability to reliably generate fusion energy, […]

Photo of the 3 kW E-Cat Prototype

Below is a photograph sent to me today by Andrea Rossi which he describes as the 3 kW E-Cat SKL NGU prototype. In the interview published this week AR stated that they are currently working with 5 different E-Cat prototypes, ranging from 10 W to 3 kW, so this is the largest one. Looking at […]