What is a Fusor?

A fusor is the collective label for any apparatus that enables nuclear reactions whereby elements fuse together to form new elements  – producing excess energy in the process. The ECAT- or Rossi-fusor, is the first commercial fusor to hit the Read mor… interviews Mats Lewan

Technology reporter Mats Lewan shares his observations after the demo on October 6 in Bologna. Mats Lewan is a staff writer at Ny Teknik, Stockholm, Sweden. Ny Teknik is the major technology weekly in Scandinavia with a circulation of 155,000 and a R… interviews Dr. Roland Pettersson

Dr. Roland Pettersson, Senior Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry, Uppsala University describes his thoughts after an entire day of an e-cat demo, held in Bologna on October in association with Andrea Rossi & products of the Energy Catalyzer