And It’s Gone…

I had hoped that eCatNews would die after my last post, with commenters using the announcement to organise a move to another site. The world is full of amazing people doing extraordinary things to make our lives better and our time here is too short to dwell on negativity. While I am grateful to all those […]

The End

EcatNews has outlived its purpose. Anyone determined to invest in this technology based on Andrea Rossi’s word or on reports generated by anything other than an independent and credible organisation, is beyond help. I will leave this site up for research purposes but will eventually let it lapse if it breaks or the account ends. […]

eCat News

eCat News started as an effort to illuminate the extraordinary claims of Andrea Rossi. If true, the eCat would be one of the most important developments in modern history. Supported by a number of apparently credible scientists, the claims were worth a closer look. Credibility by association can only get you so far. Over time, for […]

Second HotCat Test Report – Updated

Update 22 Oct 2014: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the debate. Rossi continues to deliver even if it is not what he promised. Despite many sceptics deriding the man as a third rate showman, I tip my hat to his ability to keep this show going.  It is too easy to label […]

Industrial Heat And Due Dilligence

Venture Capitalists tell us that they invest in the people involved in a project and not just the project itself. They might combine  hard-nosed analysis with passion for an idea but most of us assume that they will always default to the bottom line before anything else. This is why I find the IH development […]

Rossi Sells eCat

Rossi continues to surprise. For some time, the inventor has been claiming he no longer has control over the strategic development of the eCat because he sold the rights to a company with deep pockets. He was obviously telling the truth. Industrial Heat LLC issued a press release confirming the acquisition and lending another layer […]

STMicroelectronics LENR Patent

Developments in the CF arena may be slow but there are occasional surprises dotted on the way. One such is the revelation of a Patent application by STMicroelectronics. There is no doubt that this is LENR. It is in the title. The application is very specific and unlike AR’s patent apps, is extremely professional. I […]

Breaking News

To anyone wondering why I only post ‘significant’ developments regarding the eCat, please note that at this point, I consider the eCat/Hyperion arena a giant waste of time. I admit to being baffled and cling to fading hope that the 7 scientists involved in the HotCat test have not been duped or worse. I sincerely […]

Defkalion’s Demo Winds Down

DGT’s demo is in its final stages. I watched it from start to wind-down. This is simply a quick summary of my first impressions. I was surprised by the level of detail and the apparent freedom given to those present. That said, I was disappointed to see that only Mats Lewan stepped up to the […]

ICCF-18, Missouri University, Credibility & Defkalion GT

For the last 2 1/2 decades, cold fusion has been considered a fringe science. Placed alongside UFOs and the Loch Ness monster, it has been easy to attack this controversial subject. A common tactic is to denigrate those involved as idiots, incompetent, fraudulent, or merely misguided. There is a logic trap here. When a scientist […]

Professor Bo Höistad Answers Critics

Following the negative critique given to the Levi HotCat paper, the Italian magazine, IB Times, conducted an interview with Bo Höistad, one of the seven members of the test team and signatory to the paper. This is an appropriate choice because Ericsson and Pomp are Nuclear physicists at Uppsala. As a peer at the same […]

Levi et al eCat Paper Critiqued

A constant refrain among members of the LENR community is that papers are not accepted by traditional scientific journals. Subsequent criticism by the tougher sceptics citing lack of peer review as evidence for lack of credibility has therefore seemed circular to me. For that reason, I welcome any rational critique from members of the scientific […]

Sergio Focardi Dies

The following was posted on Andrea Rossi’s blog today.  Please respect the memory and feelings of his family and friends.  From all I have seen,  he was a thoughtful,  intelligent man who worked hard in the hope of bettering us all. Andrea Rossi June 22nd, 2013 at 2:46 AM SERGIO FOCARDI, PROF. EMERITUS OF THE […]