Cold Fusion

As Andrea Rossi continues to deny ‘science’ the opportunity to verify his claims, it is instructive to study an example of that process as seen through the lens of a scientist. The following ‘article’ is brilliant, taking the form of a stepwise journey through the original Pons & Fleischmann announcement to its castigation as ‘bad […]

News, Rumour & Dr Steven Chu

Some time ago, there was a rumour going around about US Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu. As MIT hosted the 2011 Colloquium on LANR/CF, a report in The Explorer claimed that Dr Chu was looking at Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion). The article appeared to link this ‘fact’ with the MIT gig and many […]

Andrea Rossi’s Site Attacked

The short outage on AR’s Journal of Nuclear Physics may have been due to a hack or some other type of attack – this according to a post on his blog: Rossi Site Down: Yes, we are often attacked, our Informatic consultant fixed it. Warm Regards, A.R. Taken as read, he is saying that this […]

Defkalion Forum Closed

The following message has just appeared on the Defkalion GT forum.   Due to an overload in traffic and a bottleneck in moderating discussions, Defkalion Green Technologies has decided to temporarily freeze this Forum’s operation until further notice. All comments have been welcomed. We thank you all for your participation. For those with an interest […]

Andrea Rossi’s Website Down

Not sure if The Journal of Nuclear Physics site has been hacked, has a hosting issue or some other problem, but it is now unavailable – a message saying that the account has been suspended in its place. Anyone who has run a website knows that this sort of thing can happen for the most […]

Defkalion Letter Confirmed – Sort Of

The following forum post indicates that earlier letter calling for partners in each country is genuine – I think…   rats123 wrote: I am surprised there has been no comment about Defkalion’s email to subscribers: Defkalion GT This form of response we use when some interested third party corresponds to our e-mail after 2 or […]

Defkalion Call For Partners?

I am slightly wary of posting this because it has not been verified by Defkalion GT as genuine yet (and it is only one person saying he/she received it). It was posted on their forum and they have not denied it so perhaps it is real. No doubt, if it is not, they will jump […]

A Few Hyperion & eCat Technical Details

Forum member, Dave, asked some excellent questions on the Defkalion forum and got this reply:   Questions for defkalion: 1) Recently I have seen posters suggesting that the Ni-H core is operating at a temperature that results in melting of the Ni. Is this true?.That is not true. Please refer to the answer of your […]

Hyperion Roll-Out Expansion

We’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating as Defkalion does in answering a question yesterday:   1. Do Defkalion GT intend to open offices in other countries to oversee the roll out of the tech? Defkalion Green Technologies Global-Praxen has plans to roll out the technology of Hyperions through co-operations with third parties interested […]

Defkalion Morale

A forum post from Defkalion Green Technolgies gives us an insight into the mindset and morale of some of the human beings behind this extraordinary story:   we can not name user Defkalion GT “a spokesman” as far as 1. It is not “a” but four 2. It is not speaking, just reading and writing […]

Andrea Rossi’s Lesson From The Petroldragon Affair

Sometimes the simplest of statements can be most revealing. Today, Andrea Rossi answered a question on his blog about the Petroldragon affair and how it might have played a part in the development of his energy catalyzer. Bob Dingman July 4th, 2011 at 12:13 PM I wanted to ask Signor Rossi if his previous work […]

Defkalion Board

Another snip from DGT’s forum. We have mini bios for the following Board Members: Directors: George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman Engineer. Ex banker and industrialist (high tech ceramics). Ex president of the state owned Greek Industrial Investment Bank (ETBA) in 80-90s and founder of Omega Bank.(90s) George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman, […]

Defkalion And eCat Beyond Heavy Petting

Referencing the following video interviews, we learn through a forum question that Defkalion is  making more than the ‘boiler parts’ of Hyperion but also the eCat reactor, too. As suspected from earlier DGT comments, their involvement with the heart of the eCat appears to be extensive, once more nailing the idea that they have made […]

A New Hyperion Every Six Months?

Today, Defkalion GT answered a question about the cost of replacing/refueling the Hyperion core.

Previously, Rossi had estimated this to be every six months at a cost of approximately $100. An engineer, he said, would visit the site, whip out the cannister and replace it with another. The used core would then be sent back to the factory for refueling. To be honest, this never sounded like a $100

…And Another Thing!

I started eCatNews, dismayed by the mud clouding the subject of Rossi’s eCat. Much of that is down to the nature of the beast, the extraordinary claim and the reality of business vs science. With no seat at the table, I could remain impartial, posting the good and bad without favour. In preparing for the task, I waded through an avalanche of material. I thought Steven Krivit’s ballsy approach to