eCat Conference – Zurich

I have no idea how useful it will be but the Zurich eCat Conference is now streaming live. So-far (and understandably) much of the talk is in German but as I write this, the speaker is using English. While I am happy to encourage robust debate, I ask you all to respect the light touch […]

John Hadjichristos – Defkalion’s CTO Interviewed

Peter Gluck details a new interview with Defkalion GT’s CTO, John Hadjichristos on his blog, here. While he offers nothing to demonstrate they have anything of substance, there are a number of interesting additions to the story they tell. When asked about the company history, JH tells us that Rossi’s deal with Ampenergo was problematic […]

University of Bologna – No Formal eCat Relationship

Two weeks ago, Andrea Rossi performed a Defkalion – painting himself into a corner so that we might believe a resolution to the eCat saga was in sight. Referring to  claimed successful tests on the hotcat, he told us on 11 August that they (the tests) would “… BE REPEATED OFFICIALLY WITHIN THE HALF OF OCTOBER […]

Storms Explains NAE Cold Fusion Theory

Ruby Carat over at conducted an interview with Edmond Storms, teasing out details of his nuclear active environment (NAE) theory. Here he explains the principle mechanism, how it fits experimental data and goes on to make predictions (eg an eCat reaction should not be making Cu). Correct or otherwise, the theory is extremely interesting […]

Celani’s Patent Describes Material Prep

The following patent explains Francesco Celani’s method for preparing his Ni-coated wires (and other forms) to better adsorb hydrogen. I cannot be certain this is the state of the art as used to process the materials in the recent NI and ICCF-17 demos but I notice a number of potential replicators requesting information on this […]

Thank You Francesco Celani

Congratulations to all who endured the brickbats hurled by those posing as your betters. Despite the derision, the lack of funds and career-wrecking assaults, you have demonstrated the true power of the scientific method. In 1989 it took no more than an announcement to create sensational headlines proclaiming the end of the world’s energy problems. […]

eCatNews Brief Pt 2

An independent look at Rossi’s eCat by novelist, Paul Story. A former physicist, Paul wrote this brief after months of wading through FUD and clutter trying to sift gold from shit. He has not decided to ‘believe’ yet, but thinks that the circumstantial evidence is so strong and the potential benefits so great that we need to pay attention.

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Colonel Outed – E-Cat Schizophrenia Spreads

Details of the mysterious figure presented as the 1MW customer rep in October of last year have now been revealed. Many sceptics doubted he even existed but now they will most certainly doubt his impartiality (or assume he is Rossi’s employee or partner). Indeed, accusations fly that the more we know the more it stinks. […]

University of Bologna E-Cat Test

Disinclined to repeat hearsay without substantiation, I pause before posting the following from Andrea Rossi’s blog. In it, he tells us that the ‘leaking’ of the so-called hot-cat details by the person known as, ‘cures’ violated an NDA. However, in saying this he is giving credence to the leak – assuming it was not a […]

Celani’s NI Cold Fusion Demo

A member of the public and eCat fan has posted the first unofficial (as far as I know) video of Professor Celani’s NI Week demo. He mistakenly believes that Celani is part of Rossi’s team but that does not detract from the tantalizing glimpse he is giving us of the operating apparatus. He brings us […]

National Instruments And Cold Fusion – Update

Update at end [new video] Often the centre of LENR speculation, National Instruments has been promoted as Rossi’s best buddy all the way through to an indifferent company simply trying to sell their wares to anyone who wants them. A new video has just surfaced from NI Week, where cofounder, President and CEO, James Truchard […]

Fleischmann Dead

Martin Fleischmann is dead. We are here, in good part, because of him. They called him a fraud and a liar. They said it wasn’t science. And yet, he will outlive them all. I hope Stanley Pons lives to see the dream break free. I hope we all do. Thank you for giving us hope, […]

Where Are We Now?

According to Andrea Rossi, the eCat is now breaking the 1,000 C barrier and although we might have to wait an indeterminate time for domestic certification, at least the secret 1MW plant customers are happy. The building of the secret eCat factory continues apace and the secret partners are helping him innovate the secret process […]