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Rossi E-Catalyzer: The Effect Is 100% Reliable And Reproducible

Andrea Rossi has answered one of the most crucial questions that has plagued cold fusion experiments since the early days.
One of the previous problems encountered by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann back in 1989 was centered around the inability of researchers to reliably reproduce the experiment which generated excess heat (the signature of cold fusion).  Replicating and testing the validity of the excess heat production was in part one of the reasons that the world stupidly and prematurely turned it’s back on cold fusion. Yesterday, two Gulf Wars, 3 massive oil spills and 2 nuclear disasters later the question was posed by a reader  to Andrea Rossi and his answer was yet another blow to the critics. (Another piece of positive information that will be “selectively omitted” from Wikipedia – Ed.).
  • David Roberson
    “Dear Mr. Rossi,
    I appreciate the timely response you submitted to my last question. It appears that you have achieved fantastic results with your invention and I expect to see the skeptics run quickly toward the exit when you complete the large project(1 Megawatt) for your first customer.
    One question which has always been a serious issue with LENR may be answered by you at this point. How consistant is your ability to create large amounts of excess power? For example, if you made 100 E-Cat devices and began testing, how many would achieve the desired ratios of output to input power? My gut feeling is that your answer would be greater than 90, which would be wonderful. As you know, the original work in LENR was shot down because of the lack of abilitiy to reproduce results. I am sure many other science minded followers like myself would appreciate your kind response.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    “Dear Mr David Robertson:
    Our E-Cats are perfectly reproducible and their performance is standard. Out of 100 we guarantee that 100 respect the performance data. Should not be so we could not go deliver in Greece a 1 MW plant, made by 300 E-Cats.
    Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer or (eCatalyzer).  A device capable of rendering traditional fuel sources such as oil, coal, gas and nuclear obsolete. The eCatalyzer uses tiny amounts of powdered nickel and pressurized hydrogen as a fuel source producing up to 33:1 ratio of output to input For a summary on the eCatalyzer and what it does please view our Fast Facts video.

We have been reporting on the Energy Catalyzer since it’s first public demonstration in January 2011.  4 months on, the mainstream media are still refusing to report on this massive story.