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Another article related to NASA/Space propulsion but by Discover magazine.

Interesting in the fact Discover has been quite negative on “Cold Fusion”. This article still basically negative but does indicate additional activity

Could Starships Use Cold Fusion Propulsion? : Discovery NewsCold fusion would be the "silver bullet" [...]

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Dr. McKubrie brought up an issue in his recent presentation at the Science Café that a friend and I have been discussing for months.

Lets say Rossi’s device not only does what he claims but does even more and is no doubt a nuclear reactor, “cold fusion”, LENR, whatever. In that case can he import [...]

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So Who Is the Buyer?

On 25 ottobre 2011 By

The Ecat News blog published an article about the Mystery of the Rossi 1 mW Unit Customer.  As an answer to that questioning article some other factors should be considered.
There has been much speculation about who it might be. A lot of the speculation is tainted by whether one thinks Rossi has a [...]

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