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Energy at Less than $0.01 per kW: An Interview with Alex Xanthoulis |

It has been a couple of years since Andrea Rossi first showcased his E-Cat and introduced the world to the idea that LENR might actually be possible and could offer a viable, cheap, safe form of renewable energy for the future. Research has been fairly secretive but the end is near as some companies are finally getting ready to release their products to the public. One company leading the way is Defkalion, with its Hyperion Energy Source

In an exclusive interview with Alex Xanthoulis, the CEO of Defkalion, we discuss:

Scientists must Study the Nuclear Weak Force to Better Understand LENR | Oil Price

In the early part of the 20th Century physicists theorized that a mysterious force held the nucleus of an atom together. When it was demonstrated that this force could be tapped, releasing tremendous amounts of energy, a wave of excitement swept the scientific world. It took only a few short years before atomic energy theories were experimentally validated in the first nuclear weapon detonations. Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed. Most of us alive today were born under the mushroom cloud that has loomed over humanity ever since. Accessing the power of the strong nuclear force has been a mixed blessing: it has brought the possibility of energy beyond our wildest dreams but with nightmarish consequences that were literally unimaginable a generation ago.

CERN Colloquium: Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

Today at CERN an overview will be given on the main progress made –since March 1989- through experimental/theoretical studies on thermal/nuclear anomalies observed in forced interactions of Hydrogen isotopes (H, D), in non-equilibrium conditions, with pure or alloyed materials (mainly Palladium, Nickel). Please note that this event will be available live via the Webcast Service.