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Sergio Focardi nasce a Firenze nel 1932. Una volta diplomatosi nella città natale, vince il concorso alla Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, dove qualche anno dopo si laurea in Fisica con 110 e lode. Dopodiché, proprio a Pisa inizia la sua carriera universitaria, che prosegue a Bologna e lo porta a diventare, nel 1977, professore ordinario, ed a tenere insegnamenti di fisica generale, fisica sperimentale e fisica superiore. Fisico sperimentale, Focardi nella sua attività di ricerca si occupa di processi connessi alle interazioni nucleari forti (collabora a lungo con il Nobel Rubbia) e deboli, nonché a quelle elettromagnetiche, ed in seguito anche di interazioni elettromagnetiche e gravitazionali, con oltre 70 pubblicazioni apparse su riviste internazionali o in atti di congressi. Molto stimato dai colleghi dell’INFN – di cui dirige la sezione di Bologna negli anni 1973-76 – nel periodo 1980-89 è preside della Facoltà di Scienze MM.FF.NN. dell’Università di Bologna, che nel 2005 lo nomina Professore Emerito di Fisica Sperimentale.

The Magic of Mr. Rossi


by Angelo Saso

Versione italiana

In Greece there’s a company ready to bet on it 200 Millions euros, in the United States the industrial production is allegedly already started and there’s a plan to put the device on the market later this year. The Energy Catalyzer, created by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, is still a mysterious prototype but it promises to become soon an international case and even a revolution in our way of life and in our approach to energy generation.

The E-Cat loses steam

Source: Cassandra’s legacy
Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have recently claimed the development of a device (the “energy catalyser” or “E-Cat”) able to produce useful energy from low temperature nuclear fusion reactions. If it were to work as reported, the E-Cat would be a true revolution not only in science, but also in everyday life. We would have a simple device able to produce plenty of low cost energy without generating significant pollution and we could say good-bye to the energy crisis and to global warming as well.

E-Cat Handed Over to Greece

In Italy, mass media continues to blatantly strike and does everything possible to discredit CICAP and its fields of study, while in Greece, the first major television outlet – the TG network of state— has already started broadcasting news about E-…

AMPENERGO COLD FUSION – Invest your Money in the Rossi E-Cat Reactor

Source :Lct Business & Finance News

The cold fusion reactor (E-Cat) invented by Andrea Rossi is getting “hotter”. Many people now want to invest their money in this new technlogy and in AmpEnergo and Defkalion Green Technologies the two companies which sell the E-Cats and their licences, patents & royalties, hoping that the Rossi and Focardi’s reactor will be the new science breakthrough of this millennium.

Rossi’s Self Sustaining One Megawatt Reactor

Source:Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network

Among the breaking news items about Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology is the announcement that the one megawatt reactor launching this October will likely self sustain with no external input power. Clarification on recent NASA meeting.

Tabella delle verità dell’eCat

Fonte: 22 passi e dintorni

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Defkalion President Announces E-Cat News

In an meeting today Defkalion president, released the fact that 1MW plant is practically all set, nevertheless they, Defkalion Green Technologies, is going to do a lot of checks in order to make certain all the things works excellent. Moreover he gave …


Source: Government studies state "extreme" solar flare emissions can cause blackouts for weeks, months, or even years in very large areas of the nation. Several are possible during the next ten years of this sunspot cycle…. Andrea Rossi's Energy…

Goverment Test To Make E-Cat Home Secure

Cold fusion has stirred general public fascination, has gained controversies and has made scientific brains think more. At the same time gaining popularity, alongside with the cold fusion scientific process is definitely the phrase hyperion. Hyperion i…