Author: Nebraska Engineer

LENR / Cold Fusion continues to progress / 2013 production?

There have been both commercial and academic developments in LENR / Cold Fusion in the last couple of months. Two well respected academic researchers have made major national / international presentations on their research and conclusions that cold fusion / LENR is real. RECENT ACADEMIC EVENTS 1. Dr. George Miley, semi-retired researcher at the University […]

LENR / Cold Fusion competitor approaching production

Defkalion, the Greek company that was at one time working with Rossi and his e-cat, has developed their own version of LENR power generation product.  They will have 7 different scientific groups coming in to perform tests on the product in the upcoming weeks.  They intend to enter production with the products within the year. […]

ECATS for sale and other LENR investigations

Rossi apparently sold the first 1MW plant after the Oct 28th demonstration.  That device was clearly little more than a prototype in functionality but it did put out 470KW according to the report signed by the “customer”.  The price for one is between $2M and $3M in case you’re looking for one.  No one is […]

e-cat media attention and conclusions to date

UPDATE ON EXPANDING PUBLICATIONS NOTING THE E-CAT (10/18/2011): – here Wired U.K. – here   ******   The e-cat is getting a little bit of main-stream media attention ahead of the Oct 28 test of the 1MW power plant. Mark Gibbs has produced articles for: Network World – Cheap power: An overnight revolution Forbes […]

Rossi e-cat – Oct 6 significant test

***** UPDATE 2 (mid-day of Oct 7, 2011): The Ny Teknik report is the only report of technical detail that has appeared so far.  In that report there was a very interesting observation made by the reporter regarding “a device ‘producing frequencies’ was switched on” when the input power to the e-cat was turned off.  As […]