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In progress : an analysis of the E-Cat Steam Quality.

By Alan Fletcher

1. Abstract

The issue of Steam Quality greatly impacts the calculations on the actual excess energy.

This issue is extensively analyzed by Steven B. Krivit in New Energy Times Issue 37

In particular, Appendix 9: NASA Electrical-Power-Only Steam Analysis reviews the performance of the eCat in relation to an Temperature-Entropy diagram, and states that the Steam quality could be any value between 0 and 1, so that the total output power could be anywhere between 770 W (NO excess energy), to slightly above Rossi’s claimed value of 4900 W.

A library on LENR

Source: This site features a library of papers on LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, also known as Cold Fusion. (CANR, Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions, is another term for this phenomenon.) The library includes more than 1,000 original scientific papers…

How to Prove that the Rossi/Focardi eCAT LENR is Real


By: Alan Fletcher

1. Abstract

A new “Cold Fusion” device was demonstrated at the University of Bologna, Italy on Jan 15, 2011. Unlike the Pons and Fleischmann setup, which uses Palladium and Deuterium and can take months to perform an experiment, the Rossi/Focardi eCAT uses Hydrogen and Nickel, produces large amounts of power (more than 10kW), and can be turned on and off on command.