Press Release: “Helion Announces World’s First Fusion Energy Purchase Agreement with Microsoft” (Projected to start in 2028)

The following is a press release from Helion Energy, a Washington state (US) company which is developing nuclear fusion reactors.’s-first-fusion-energy-purchase-agreement-with-Microsoft   Helion announces world’s first fusion energy purchase agreement with Microsoft New facility aims to deliver at least 50 MW and begin producing electricity by 2028, dramatically shortening the projected timeline for commercially viable […]

Self-powered solar-driven zero liquid discharge desalination plant based on drum film evaporators

.byUZIKOV VitalyEngineer, Russia (

.Read the whole articleDownload the ZIP file.AbstractMillions of people suffer from a shortage of fresh water: the available resources rapidly reduce their capacity with the growing demand. Shortage of fresh water in several regions of the Earth is becoming a serious problem posing a threat to the mankind evolution […]

EV E-Cat Demo “Within a Couple of Months”

I am sure a lot of people have been wondering when we can expect to see the E-Cat SKLep charging an EV battery. Andrea Rossi hasn’t announced a date, but the following Q&A gives a little bit of an idea about the timeline we might be looking at. It’s not very precise but it’s the […]

Riversimple’s Rasa, A Different Kind of Electric Car

Since Andrea Rossi shared his plan to use his E-Cat SKLep to charge and EV battery, we’ve had a lot of discussion here about electric vehicles. I came across the following video and thought it might be of interest. A Welsh company named Riversimple is developing an all electric vehicle called Rasa which is powered […]

LION Passes Away

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing this sad news about LION, a long-time researcher in the subjects we discuss here, and a frequent contributor to this site for many years:   Late afternoon on the 24th April 2023, I got a deeply saddening message from a representative of the wife of the researcher we […]

Q&A About Plans for the E-Cat EV Demo

Andrea Rossi has answered a number of questions recently about his ‘dream’ to do a demonstration showing a electric vehicle being charged by an E-Cat SKLep SSM. I have been trying to understand a bit more clearly about what he has in mind so I sent some questions to him on the Journal of Nuclear […]