Rossi: 1 Million ECAT SKLed Order Requirement Necessary for Business Success

Following Andrea Rossi announcing the introduction E-Cat SKLed later this year, many readers have commented about his requirement of one million orders before production will start. A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday asked Andrea Rossi to consider producing a smaller number of SKLeds at a higher price instead, because one million orders […]

E-Cat SKLed Presentation Date Changed to November 25th 2021

Today Andrea Rossi posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that the presentation of the E-Cat SKLed will be on November 25, 2021. This is a few days earlier than the previously announced date of November 30th. I asked Rossi about this change, and he responded: Andrea Rossi April 7, 2021 at 12:50 PM Frank […]

“SunCell® Plasma TPV Test” (Brilliant Light Power Video)

Thanks to Mr. Z for posting about a new video posted by Brilliant Light Power on April 5th showing a photovoltaic cell in proximity to a SunCell which is powering an LED. In the video description, Brilliant Light Power provides this explanation: “The photovoltaic (PV) conversion of white light from the hydrino plasma emission of […]

ULTR – Soliton impact (Bob Greenyer Video)

The following is a new video from Bob Greenyer in which he discusses an experiment which was done by a researcher named Allan Kusk. A sheet of normal aluminum foil was placed in an ultransonic cleaner and filmed. The foil soon becomes damaged and starts to get eaten away. Bob examines images taken under a […]

Photo of 10,000 Lumen E-Cat SKLed Published

Andrea Rossi has been sending out emails to people who were interested in pre-ordering the E-Cat SKL containing a photo of the E-Cat SKL, along with product specifications, and an order form. Here is the single photo: The key data about the E-Cat SKLed from the order form: Dimensions: cm 15 x 10 x 10 […]

Interview with Montgomery Childs (LENR Forum Video)

Thanks to Curbina for posting about the following video which has been produced by members of the LENR Forum. It is an interview with Montgomery Childs, COE of Aureon Energy and director of the SAFIRE project who discusses his work with his company and the project. Interviewers are Ruby Carat, Alan Smith and David Nygren. […]

VEGA – Extreme Interactions (Bob Greenyer Livestream Today)

The following livestream will be presented by Bob Greenyer today: VEGA – Extreme interactions Live stream 20:00 CET 31 March 2021 Title picture includes a long exposure photo of the trace left by a natural ball lightning as it descends from the sky to the ground, provided by Dmitry Baranov. Review of further experiment […]