Ecat on Instagram

It looks like Leonardo Corporation is gearing up to get into social media, something that Andrea Rossi has avoided for many years. If you go to the website there is now a link to a new Instagram account: (I just signed up as follower #2) There’s not a lot of content there at […]

Rossi: “Professor Garret Moddel has a Strong Merit”

There have been some questions posted to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding Garret Moddel’s video and paper about extracting zero-point energy from devices using the Casimir effect. Rossi seems to have paid attention to Moddel’s work, and seems quite intrigued and impressed. Here is  a Q&A from the JONP today: Norma […]

Video: “Unlocking Zero-Point Energy” (Garret Moddel)

William Beatty on the vortex-l mailing list posted a link to a video titled “Unlocking Zero-Point Energy” made by Garret Moddel, Professor Emeritus of Photonics and Quantum Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Radanta Corporation. He talks about a device that he claims is harvesting energy from the vacuum, violating the second […]

Rossi: Presentation Customer Works in “HiTech” Field

There has been quite a bit of speculation about the identity of the customer who will host the December 9th E-Cat presentation in Stockholm, Sweden. Rossi has not identified the customer yet, and I don’t expect he will do so until the day of the presentation, but he did give some information today on the […]

Bob Greenyer Presentation: “LENR in a Can : Near instant transmutation of Tungsten using Ohmasa Gas”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for posting video and slides from his recent presentation made at the 14th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals held in Assisi, Italy. Bob’s presentation was titled “LENR in a Can : Near instant transmutation of Tungsten using Ohmasa Gas”. He discusses why he thinks that data from experiments […]

Transitioning to E-Cat Energy (KeithT)

The following comment from KeithT brings up many issues that I am sure will be widely discussed if E-Cat energy becomes a commercially viable technology. There will be many people who want / need / demand cheap energy; they want it and they want it now, but how will future employment be affected, how many […]