Interview with Andrea Rossi, Feb 3, 2024

Yesterday (Saturday, February 3rd, 2024) I conducted an interview with Andrea Rossi via Skype in which I asked him about his current activities. He reported that currently he and his team members (numbering 18 persons in the USA and Europe) are involved in testing prototypes of the newly redesigned E-Cat NGU, and also that prototypes […]

NASA Team Develops Propellantless Propulsion Device

Thanks to Sam for sharing the following video. Tim Ventura interviews NASA physicist Dr. Charles Buhler who claims he has discovered a propellant-less propulsion system that reportedly produces produces 1g (9.8 m/s²) thrust in experimental testing. Here is Dr. Buhler’s summery of the discovery: “What we have discovered is that systems that contained an asymmetry […]

Chinese Company Betavolt Announces Development of Minature Nuclear Battery

Thanks to Fusionrudy for posting a link to an article from the World Nuclear Association which discusses the work of a Chinese company called Beijing Betavolt New Energy Technology Company Ltd which has announced that it has developed a minature nuclear battery that uses beta decay to generate electricity. From the article: Betavolt said […]

Rossi: E-Cat Livestream to Restart 1st Quarter, 2024

Someone asked a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday regarding the absence of the livestreaming of the E-Cat powered lamp which Andrea Rossi had at one point stated would be started up again in December 2023. The previous livestreaming was halted in October last year after Rossi reported problems with the E-Cat that […]

Video: Steven Greer on Withheld Overunity Energy Technology

Thanks to Engineer48 for posting the following video on the Always Open thread. It is from Steven Greer who has been working for many years on the Disclosure project, which attempts to unveil secrecy surrounding UFO topics and technology that might be related. In this video posted on X yesterday he discusses some energy generation […]

New Aureon Energy Video: ” The SAFIRE Project Walkthrough”

There is a newly released video from Aureon Energy titled “The SAFIRE Project Walkthrough” in which Montgomery Childs shows the laboratory in which the SAFIRE II reactor is contained. He shows the various components of the system and explains what they do, and also the laboratory. Childs summarizes what the SAFIRE Reactor does: “SAFIRE is […]

Ambient Photonics and Google Partner on Indoor Solar Cell (Press Release)

Thanks to Mark for posting about this press release from Ambient Photonics: Ambient Photonics Collaborates with Google to Develop a new Solar-Powered Device for Launch in 2024 The new device will be the first to feature Ambient’s all-new bifacial solar cells, which – in a breakthrough for the indoor DSSC solar market – are […]