Energy Nature of Configurational Entropy

. by Aleksei Savchenko A.A. Bochvar Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM), Rogova 5A, Moscow, Russia, +7-977-520-5299

. Read the whole article Download the ZIP file . Abstract It is shown, that the entropy of mixing is of the energy nature (not only statistical one, as the probability of state). Energetic […]

Frank Acland of E-Cat World on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

Frank Acland started on April 4 in the year 2011 after Andrea Rossi had performed a public demonstration of his nickel-hydrogen-based steam generator named the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. “A Focardi-Rossi news conference was late in January of that year, and I became aware of it through some friends. I just got interested in …

Towards the exit from the middle ages

. by Ch. Stremmenos Retired Professor of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry in the University of Bologna

. Read the whole article Download the ZIP file . When it comes to energy, the first thing to consider is how little we know about […]

Cold fusion reactor heats room in Sapporo

Modifications to the cold fusion energy reactor designed by Tadahiko Mizuno have dramatically increased excess heat production. Thermal power output of the cell is now able to exceed the air-flow calorimeter’s heat removal capacity of 1 kilowatt….

Sveinn Ólafsson on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

Dr. Sveinn Ólafsson is the guest on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Ruby Carat. Dr. Ólafsson works with a form of Rydberg matter called ultra-dense hydrogen which could be related to the cold fusion/LENR reaction. Listen to the Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Dr. Sveinn Ólafsson on the Podcast page. Dr. Ólafsson received his …

Irina Savvatimova on LENR transmutations

Dr. Irina Savvatimova is one of the giants of Russian LENR research able to attend the 30-year celebration organized by the Coordination Council on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation Problem of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). See Russian Ac…