MFMP Video: “THOR – No Carbon in Flue” (Thunderstorm Generator)

Here’s a short video in which Bob Greenyer is with the Thunderstorm Generator, Malcolm Bendall, who shows Bob the flue through which the exhaust of the generator passes and demonstrates that there is no carbon buildup which one normally finds in the typical exhaust of any kind of furnace or internal combustion engine. Bob has […]

Video: “Can We Harvest Zero-Point Energy” (Garret Moddel)

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for pointing out this video posted on the New Thinking Allowed YouTube Channel which has an interveiw with Garret Moddel, who is working in the field of extracting energy from the zero-point energy field. A few points that Garret Moddel makes in the video: Everything wiggles because of ground-state energy, and […]

The Thunderstorm Plasmoid Generator of Malcolm Bendall

There has been quite a bit of discussion here on other threads about the Thunderbolt Generator, an invention of an Australian named Malcolm Bendall, which has been described as a plasmoid generator. It is a new topic to me and I have been trying to understand what it is all about. There are a lot […]

Capacitors in the E-Cat-Powered EV

Here’s a comment posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the use of capacitors in connection with E-Cat technology. domenico canino September 24, 2023 at 11:02 AM Dear Andrea, i think the batteries, because they are heavy, expensive and not clean, are the real problem of an Electric Vehicle. So, if your october […]

“Will EV charging stations become a thing of the past?” (Gregory Daigle)

Thanks to Gregory Daigle for sharing a link to an article that he has published on the Medium platform titled: “Will EV charging stations become a thing of the past?” Greg is a regular commenter on this site, and has been following the work of Andrea Rossi and others in similar fields for many […]