A conversation with ChatGPT about LENR (Eric Petersen)

Thanks to Erik Petersen for posting the following comment and link in the Always On Thread. Erik writes: “We discussed various topics related to LENR (low-energy nuclear reactions) and its potential mechanisms of action. We also talked about the electric sun hypothesis, the Safire project, and LPPFusion. We touched on the potential implications of LENR […]

Aureon Energy Update

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting this following communication from Aureon Energy in the Always Open thread: It seems Aureon is progressing further and they seem to concentrate on transmuting Radium into other more benign elements. Short video’s on their website reveal just a little bit more and are interesting to look at. Maybe Bob […]

Pico Clusters and Electron Screening (Axil Axil)

The following comment was submitted by Axil Axil I now introduce a possible explanation about how the Pico cluster amplifies electron screening of the nucleus to enable fusion at ambient temperatures to occur. When a large aggregation of electrons form, this aggregation extracts energy from the Higgs field that is rendered as electron mass and […]

Rossi: EMF Detector for Livestream

Here are a couple of posts from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about using an EMF detector in the room where the E-Cat SKLep SSM streaming is originating from. When he says ‘tomorrow’ I beleive that would refer to today (Sunday March 19th) Andrea Rossi March 18, 2023 at 12:11 PM Dear […]

Reporter Visits E.Hy. to See Marco Bertelli’s Hydro Generator

Thanks to Dominico Canoni for this link to an article published in February 2023 on the Italian website Impresedilinews which is a report by journalist Adriano Baffelli of a visit to the E.Hy. company near Pisa, Italy to see Marco Bertelli’s Hydro generator which is claimed to generate domestic electricity off-grid using distilled water and […]

Registration open for ICCF-15 in Szczecin, Poland, Aug 27-31

Registration for ICCF-15 is now open. This year the meeting will be held in Szczecin, Poland from August 27-31. Registration is also available for virtual attendees. Link to the event website is here: https://iccf25.com/ Authors who wish to contribute papers can do so by submitting proposals by April 1st, 2023. The main topics that will […]