Rolls Royce Press Release: “Rolls-Royce’s All-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Takes to the Skies for the First Time”

The following is a press release from Rolls-Royce. 15 September 2021 We are pleased to announce the completion of the first flight of our all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft. At 14:56 (BST) the plane took to the skies propelled by its powerful 400kW (500+hp) electric powertrain with the most power-dense battery pack ever assembled […]

Rossi: SKLed Performing well in Private Presentations of E-Cat SKLed

I asked Andrea Rossi today about private demonstrations of the E-Cat SKLed: Frank Acland September 19, 2021 at 3:30 PM Dear Andrea, 1. Have you been carrying out any private demonstrations of the E-Cat SKLed for potential customers during this pre-presentation period? 2. If so, how successful have they been? Andrea Rossi September 19, 2021 […]

MIT Video: ‘The Quest for Commercial Fusion’

We reported in a previous post that MIT had announced a major breakthrough in their quest to achieve practical fusion power by using a new superconducting material to create much smaller magnets to confine plasma in which fusion reactions occur. A new video has been released in which MIT members discuss why they feel […]

Swedish Company Exeger Wins European Inventor Award for Flexible Dye-sensitised Solar Cell

Thanks to ECW Reader Layman for the following comment. A new Swedish company, Exeger, wins the European inventor award 2021. Their solar cell innovation transforms any form of light into electrical power. Powerfoyle, the new unique and customizable solar cell, a patented material, has been brought to market after more than a decade of […]

COP of E-Cat SKLed ‘More or Less’ 8

A comment/question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics this week dealt with the efficiency of the E-Cat SKLed which Leonardo Corporation is describing as the “most energy efficient” lamp ever made: Calle H September 17, 2021 at 11:39 AM Dear Dr. Rossi, In your promotion of the SKLed lamp it is said to be the […]

Paper: “Direct Detection of Dark Energy”

A team of physicists working in Italy on an experiment designed to detect dark matter, obtained data that suggest that they instead detected dark energy, something that is theorized, but has never yet been detected experimentally. This team discovered energy in excess of expected normal background gravitational interactions, and suspect that this excess is actually […]

Ecat on Twitter

Now there is a link to a new Twitter account on the website. There’s no new information posted on Twitter; it the same as is found on the Instagram page. Here is the first and only post so far: Get ready for the presentation of the most energy-efficient lamp ever made, on December […]