On Rossi and His Contracts

It appears from many comments that there is a contingent of observers who feel that Andrea Rossi’s goals to design a self-destructing E-Cat that it is a futile effort to protect his industrial secret and that the preferred approach would be to release the technology and just accept the fact that the secret will be …

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A visit to the local power plant.

According to the Congressional Research Service (using NEI data), there were 62,683 metric tons (138,192,360 lbs) of commercial spent fuel accumulated in the United States as of the end of 2009. Of that total, 48,818 metric tons – or about 78 percent – were in pools. 13,856 metric tons – or about 22 percent – […]

Nuclear Physicist on Cold Fusion

Italian Nuclear Physicist Fulvio Frisone on Cold Fusion
“In fact, thanks to cold fusion, we could have unlimited energy, at low price and, most of all, environmentally friendly (in fact the only reaction’s product is helium-4!). ”

Professor Loris Ferrari of the University of Bologna on Testing the E-Cat (“Energy of the Crazy”)

An article was published on the Italians site Social News written by Professor Loris Ferrari of the University of Bologna physics department in which he reviews the past research efforts into cold fusion, and anticipates to a new phase of its study and development. Ferrari, along with other Bologna professors Sergio Focardi, Ennio Bonetti, Enrico …

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