Krivit’s second report: Rossi evades scientific debate

For those who were wondering whether New Energy Times editor Steven Krivit was willing to burn his bridges with Andrea Rossi, the answer is an apparent “yes”. Krivit’s first report provoked a heated response from Rossi, who accused him of industrial espionage on behalf of an Italian competitor. Krivit’s second report, recently released, will likely … Continue reading Krivit’s second report: Rossi evades scientific debate

Articolo sulla conferenza stampa della Defkalion

Link (
e video con interviste:
(ce ne sono altri dallo stesso utente)
[Ricordo che stasera alle 9 su radio 24 Maurizio Melis farà un riassunto della conferenza stampa, a breve il link al podcast]

Japanese Electricity Shortage Shows Why E-Cat is needed

The current situation in Japan demonstrates why the world needs new sources of electricity such as energy catalyzers that do not depend upon a central power grid. The Epoch Times is reporting that many factories in Japan are being forced to shut down because they do not have electricity to run their machinery. Japanese industry […]