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eCats Predicted At $50/kW Says Andrea Rossi

This is food for sceptics and believers alike: Andrea Rossi January 13th, 2012 at 3:07 AM Dear Robert Tanhaus: The concept we are developing is totally new, you will see. The E-Cats will be very easy, very chip, the assistance will be very close. The industrialization we are working on is probably as much important […]

Andrea Rossi: Robots To Build Million eCats

There are many points of attack hard sceptics can use to warn poor deluded believers of their folly. Some are justified and form the basis for this site holding back on that final step down the rabbit hole. Most, however, are weak. One such is scoffing at the idea of a million eCat production goal […]

Dr Ed Storms On LENR: It Will Change Life As We Know It

Long time cold fusion advocate (and now retired Los Alamos scientist) Dr Ed Storms recently gave an interview to Dr David Livingston of The Space Show. For those of you following this story for some time, there is little new in the interview but I would still recommend listening. Cool headed and pragmatic, Dr Storms […]

World-Wide Domestic eCat Sales From Day One

I have to admit surprise. AR announces that sales will be Global from the get-go once they go live (hopefully Autumn this year) in the US. This will happen after they receive accreditation. Since any such system is not universal, it may simply be a pragmatic push to spread the tech through a global army […]

Home Depot eCat $1.5K?

In an interview on Cash Flow Radio, Andrea Rossi tells us that the target price to the customer of a 10kW – 20kW eCat is $1,000 to $1,500 and that running it should be one sixth of the equivalent average household spend.

According to the inventor, the company is discussing a possible distribution deal with Home Depot and that he expects domestic accreditation and sales to begin in Autumn this year.

He further claims that he and a number of staff members are running eCats at home right now, collecting data as part of the ongoing preparations for the home version launch. The lower estimated cost follows earlier statements citing help from partners which allowed them to improve the system design and mass production and confirms that the production levels will be in the millions.

While having a discussion with Home Depot means just that, it is a measure of the scale of his plans for the home device should it receive its certification. At this point, I have to wonder at the price quoted. I imagine that HD and distributipn will take up to 50% of the final tag. Perhaps the $500 spread takes that into account.

With each step, the eCat story is moving away from the so-called typical free energy path. By naming specific organisations, it gives that company an opportunity to deny or distance itself from AR. That was the case with National Instruments and they responded by stepping forward and not back. It will be interesting to get Home Depot’s reaction. To the journalists among you; here is a spin on the story to give it teeth.

Listen to the full interview here

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Defkalion Clarifies: 5 MW Hyperion

Updated Defkalion has picked up on the Wired UK statement regarding company plans to roll out a 1MW Hyperion at launch. They go further, claiming that the current geometry of the design will allow them to couple multiple units (similar in strategy to Andrea Rossi’s 1MW eCat) to produce an extremely versatile industrial system capable […]

US Senate Candidate on LENR and Rossi’s eCat

Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now has posted an interview with US Senate candidate Randy Hekman about LENR. A long-time advocate of the science, I’m not sure we can count his support as evidence of a growing awareness in the same way we might think of Romney and Tarr’s apparent interest. No stranger to subject, […]

1MW eCat Brochure

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I’m sure the following statement will cause a stir: This phenomenon has been recognized by the scientific community for decades, but only now has one managed to generate energy continuously, stable and with an output of several kilowatts. Rossi’s E-Cat will go down in history as the solution to the global “energy problem” with a […]

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Sven Kullander On Rossi And eCat

The following was posted on the Facebook Energy Catalyzer page. It comes from Hampus Ericsson who attended Sven Kullander’s Örebro talk today. Kullander has been a key player in gaining Rossi credibility in the past few months. Taken in the…

eCat Partners

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Calm Down The news regarding Andrea Rossi’s North European eCat partner is interesting and their site, eCat.com is a professional looking display window. That is encouraging but on its own means little. We have no idea who is behind that particular front and while my default is to assume nothing suspicious, I do not believe […]

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eCat Site Update

Under pressure from numerous directions, Andrea Rossi has asked for the official site to be taken down. In a letter posted to the yahoo newsgroup, he says that people are asking him for corrections. He admits to approving the site…