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Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is the goal of the mankind. But this desire, common to all of us, must deal with the two mentalities that coexist and collide in our minds, positive thinking that leads us to be idealistic and optimistic, and the realism that leads us to be skeptical and pessimistic .
The optimist is a visionary one that focuses on the final. The realist is skeptical – and sometimes even negative – because his attention is on the path, not the outcome.

1GW eCat Litter Predicted For 2012

No matter the problems uncovered this week regarding Defkalion’s relationship with Andrea Rossi, there is no doubt that the dream they sold was wonderful. Apparently intent on rapidly deploying the eCat, they cast their net wide, publicly invitin…

Defkalion Picks 1MW Testers

Today we learn that AR’s customer has nominated the scientists destined to test the 1MW plant in October. I take this to mean Defkalion as that particular plant is specifically built for them. Andrea Rossi July 31st, 2011 at 2:59 AM Dear Roger Hill, Thank you for your suggestion: the Scientists nominated by our Customer […]

Rossi – Let the eCat Speak For Itself

Replying to a comment by ‘Dwayne’ on his blog, Andrea Rossi (rather elegantly considering the language issues) explains why he ignores the calls for more ‘proof’. We have heard it before but this is one of the longest posts I’ve seen him make except in anger. I would guess that he has heard about Krivit’s […]

Andrea Rossi’s eCat – Evidence For & Against

Much is made about the lack of proof when trying to place Andrea Rossi’s eCat on the reality spectrum. In a scientific sense, that is oh-so-true for those without the privilege of being on the inside of things. No scientist should take anecdotal evidence as word and, since we tend to look to them for […]

Competition for Andrea Rossi eCat

Thanks to reader, Gibed for pointing me to a report on the 22passi blog about yesterday’s conference in Viareggio, Italy. This from Gibed: With over 150 in attendance, they listened to the clear voice of Andrea Rossi via Skype. AR congratulated the conference – the first on the subject in Tuscany – and confirmed that […]

eCat Heralds End Of Days

An Article in the eCatnews.com What-If? Series If Andrea Rossi’s eCat lives its promise, there will be many worried and powerful people desperate to find a way out. This alpha-set did not become successful with a Gaelic shrug of the shoulders. By design or by default, the trashing of cold fusion for the last two […]

Andrea Rossi – Maverick vs Science

Like a child’s birthday – forever far – October sits in the distance and can’t come soon enough. The mystique surrounding Andrea Rossi’s invention is well-matched to its potential importance. That importance, the stretch of time and the understandable need for secrecy are compounded by a billion ring-side seats – enough for each person on […]

Defkalion Green Technologies Interview

XanthiPress (a newspaper local to the region in Greece where Defkalion Green Technologies will run their first three factories) interviewed the President of the company, Alekos Xanthoulis The reporter said that it was initially difficult to get Defkalion to talk but that since the company themselves gave an impressive view of how important the technology […]

Andrea Rossi a Lone Fraudster?

http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/?p=338&cpage=4#comment-47093 Francesco Cavaliere June 19th, 2011 at 3:42 AM Dear Mr. Rossi, Personally I think we are in front of a major breakthrough in energy production and most likely a Nobel price too. I work for an important semiconductor company and it would be a great pleasure for us to initiate a co-operation with your […]

Another Andrea Rossi Interview

EV World, the journal behind NASA’s Dennis Bushnell interview has followed up with a 30 minute talk with Andrea Rossi. These near-hand accounts are great, making the man behind the hype flesh and putting flesh on our understanding of the eCat and AR’s claims.

Some takeaways are as follows:

  • Andrea Rossi was one of many who tried and failed to replicate the Pons & Fleischmann result in 1989
  • Although unsuccessful, it sowed a seed in his mind
  • He is happy with the term LENR
  • Until 2007, he experimented around the subject as he ran other businesses
  • Reaching a critical point, he needed to decide if it was worth the risk of concentrating full time – 16 hours a day
  • He asked Prof Focardi to look at his ideas and tell him why it would not work
  • Prof Focardi could not do so
  • At this point (July 2007) he decided to try make a useful product
  • Knowing that if it worked there would be radiation, he hired Prof Focardi as a safety measure
  • Focardi did this and also helped him understand how to thermalize the operational radiation
  • He built a 20KW device and installed it in his factory, heating it for around a year ( 5 months are cold and winter is v cold)
  • The factory is now sold along with everything else to fund the energy catalyser project
  • After recharging, ‘spent’ Ni is sold to dealers for normal use
  • If all world’s energy was made with eCat, it would only consume some percentage point of current annual Ni production
  • No foreseeable showstoppers
  • Hopes for exponential development, liking that to the growth of the computer industry from a business tool in 1995 to the proliferation throughout the world where households began to buy them
  • The cost of $1,000 to $2,000 per KW facility and $0.01 per KWH should help make this the game-changer Dennis Bushnell talked of

The mp3 file is here and the EV World article here.

Andrea Rossi Interview

  Andrea Rossi has given an interview to ecatreport.com during his visit to Sweden. Great job, producing new details on the energy catalyzer process and flesh on the story behind the man. Some of the takeaways include: AR first looked at the subject in the 90s In 2007 he revisited Ni-H with great success Worried […]