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Cold Fusion For Christmas?

I doubt it.  Not this year anyway.  However, after a seemingly disappointing period of no significant news regarding the cold fusion saga, mid-December has found this story once again springing to life. Last week Republican presidential candidate Mit…

Infinite Energy Magazine publishes 100th issue

I finally got my hardcopy of Infinite Energy magazine. I’m on the road, with mail forwarded here and there, so there was a delay in the November/December issue. Even though selected articles are available on their website for free, there’s nothing like having it in hand to take around. It’s the 100th issue! Infinite Energy … Continue reading Infinite Energy Magazine publishes 100th issue

LENR: What’s Not to Die For?

To believe or not to believe, that is the question. Having let myself get sucked into the murky world of LENR with its theater so crazy that my insomnia now bubbles over with visions of Rabbits and Oil Cabals, I … Continue reading →

Ahern Cancels Citi5 Appearance

In what can only be described as a strange turn of events, Dr. Brian Ahern has abruptly canceled his scheduled presentation at the Citi5 Flash Summit in New York City.  This information was reported last night on the Next Big … Continue reading …

Falling Into the Lattice

Approaching the presentation on Dec. 7th at the Citi5 Flash Summit by Dr. Brian Ahern, I feel as though the rabbit hole is looming large as the Mad Hatter, babbling in Italian with a steaming tea kettle in hand, urges … Continue reading →

Interesting Year Ahead for the E-Cat

The E-Cat has been snubbed in the previous months by mainstream scientists because nobody was able to explain the nuclear fusion that takes place in its nuclear core. However, an announcement states that cold fusion is actually a Low Energy Nuclear Rea…

Rossi Plans, Ahern Patent

As reported previously, Andrea Rossi met with representatives of the Massachusetts state government over the weekend, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts.  Although no agre…

Nuovo test il 6 ottobre.

————————————————————- Da 22passi.blogspot.com (Qui.) Stamattina, sulla mailing list del CMNS, il premio Nobel Brian Josephson ha diffuso il seguente annuncio. I have received this information from Prof. Levi: On October 6 we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) test of one of the modules of the Rossi 1 MW […]