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Congratulations Andrea Rossi with your monumental discovery and invention of stable cold fusion process. E-CAT is working great producing 1 MgW of free energy enough to power 200 homes… that is a moment in history indeed! great job well done! 8| now i want one. 🙂 http://coldfusion3.com/blog/pictures-of-1-mgw-e-cat-unit-now-available

naturally the Occupy movement could use a few of these…

Alright kids, before you get all excited, i got the intel from one of our IMC field reporter/researcher. the fusion is stable unlike the other versions and there is a lot of debunking and cover up involved with this story for the reasons that the inventor has only Italian patent for it and no international patent has been submitted yet…

however the inventor kept it a secret the type of Nickel isotope is used with the Hydrogen to cause a radioactive reaction, from what i could figure out thus far, which produces stable cold fusion, stable is a key word, and lots of virtually free energy with no radioactive waste and the only by product is tiny amounts of copper and lots of hot water from a cooling system.

Nuovo test il 6 ottobre.

————————————————————- Da 22passi.blogspot.com (Qui.) Stamattina, sulla mailing list del CMNS, il premio Nobel Brian Josephson ha diffuso il seguente annuncio. I have received this information from Prof. Levi: On October 6 we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) test of one of the modules of the Rossi 1 MW […]

More Details on the Uppsala E-Cat on October 6th (Corrected Article)

Daniele Passerini’s blog 22 Passi d’amore e dintorni has an announcement from regarding an upcoming test that he will carry out on one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats. (NOTE: The following quotation is attributed by Passerini to Dr. Brian Josephson, but according to another source, it is a quote from an invitation TO Dr. Josephson from …

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Krivit’s third report: E-Cat not demonstrated to work as claimed

Steven Krivit, editor of New Energy Times, has released his third report on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, and the report is every bit as long as he had claimed. The report is largely critical of the claims made for the energy catalyzer, and of the way Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi, and Giuseppe Levi have attempted to … Continue reading Krivit’s third report: E-Cat not demonstrated to work as claimed

Nobel Physicist Invited to Test 1MW Plant

Brian Josephson, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, asked a question on Andrea Rossi’s blog about the quality of the 1MW demonstration in October. He has been a defender of true research in the LENR field, frequently challenging debunkers to back up their objections with logic instead of repeating the same one-sided attacks so often a signature […]