A New Kind of Nuclear Reactor?

A New Kind of Nuclear Reactor? by Guest Author Dr. Ludwik Kowalski, Montclair State University, in which Dr. Kowalski dives into the Parhomov experiment and makes sense of the particulars for the general reader. Read the original article posted here on Dr. Kowalski’s cold fusion archive. Abstract Consider a short sealed porcelain tube, containing about … Continue reading A New Kind of Nuclear Reactor?

Cold Fusion and Skeptopathy

skeptopathy Web definitions Pathological skepticism; an irrational belief that a phenomenon must be false merely because it is unusual. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/skeptopathy There is no better example of skeptopathy doing great harm to humanity than the history of cold fusion. Everyone is probably familiar with Fleischmann and Pons’ claim that they had discovered a nuclear reaction that … Continue reading Cold Fusion and Skeptopathy

HotCat Report – Thoughts And Criticism

With a day to consider yesterday’s HotCat report, the following is an update on my thoughts: There are too many unknowns to be answered but the initial positive impression has survived a close reading of the paper. In purely scientific terms, people are right to be cautious and question the extent of its independence. This […]

New excited levels of the bottom and anti bottom mesons in integral charge quark SUSY

U.V.S. Seshavatharam
Honorary faculty, I-SERVE
Alakapuri, Hyderabad-35, AP, India
E-mail: seshavatharam.uvs@gmail.com
Prof. S. Lakshminarayana
Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University
Visakhapatnam-03, AP, India
E-mail: lnsrirama@yahoo.com
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On 21 December 2011 a new meson of rest energy 10.530±0.005 GeV was detected in CERN – LHC and the ATLAS detector.
This new meson, known as χb (3p), consists of two parts […]

LENR Conferences In Sight

These days, a conference on LENR is being held at the College of William and Mary. Located in Williamsburg, VA in the U.S., this symposium features speakers that are familiar to the LENR…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

The Emergence of LENR

The recent presentation from Francesco Piantelli of his data from nickel hydrogen LENR experiments seems to be another confirmation that when heated to a certain temperature, and under certain other conditions, excess energy can be obtained by combinin…

Session 462 Advanced Concepts: LENR, Anti-Matter, and New Physics

[latexpage] On Friday, March 23 I attended Session 462 Advanced Concepts: LENR, Anti-Matter, and New Physics of the Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space conference, one day after speaking with George H. Miley who would be presenting A Game-Changing Power Source for Spacecraft at the session. Part 1 of the event was an account of … Continue reading Session 462 Advanced Concepts: LENR, Anti-Matter, and New Physics

Mitsubishi-Toyota LENR Transmutation

A number of eCatNews posters have questioned the lack of attention given to the Mitsubishi -Toyota results cited in Celani’s recent CERN presentation. Given the date on the linked pdf (2002) and the pedigree of the organisations involved, it is curious that such (apparently) strong evidence of low energy nuclear transmutation (from Cs to Pr) […]