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“Cold Fusion Is News Again” (Inverse.com)

Perpetual Motion Unveiled (Mike Rion)

The following post has been submitted by Mike Rion I am not a scientist so my conclusions may be wrong or even naïve, but: free energy, overunity, cold fusion, LENR, LANR, Brown’s Gas, N-Machine; these and many others are all re-occurring themes in …

Upcoming New Energy Events

Architects of the New Paradigm Conference with Joel Gabon of New Energy Movement http://anpconference.com/ January 16-17, 2016 Embassy Suites Marin County San Rafael, California, US Société Française de la Science Nucléaire dans la Matière Condensée RNBE-2016 Symposium sur les Réactions Nucléaires à Basse Énergie http://www.sfsnmc.org/ March 18 – 20, 2016 l’école Montessori La Maison des … Continue reading Upcoming New Energy Events