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Whispers from Italy

As a cloak of silence has fallen over the activities of Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies it is very difficult to get a picture of the state of progress from either camp. People who know what is happening are keeping very quiet. However, an…

An eCat joke, not a joke eCat

It often astounds me how the community navigates language and cultural barriers in an already confusing landscape. We are used to misunderstandings; often a ripe source for those intent on mischief. They are not normally something you would welcome but in this one case I do. According to Daniele Passerini, yesterday’s comment on sceptics was […]

A Score For eCat Sceptics?

A curious message has popped up in the comments section of 22passi. The blog, owned by Daniele Passerini (a close friend of Dr Levi) has, in the past, been a source of good information on the cheerleading bench. I would not normally post such an obtuse hint of a hint (the comment is Daniele’s) but […]

Il 28 ottobre scorso a Bologna si è svolta una dimostrazione di un sistema E-Cat. Secondo i testimoni, l’apparato ha funzionato per 5,5 ore producendo 479 kW in modalità autonoma (autoalimentata) usando piccole quantità di nichel e di idrogeno, senza…

Croniche Italiche: L’E-Cat, ovvero: la metafora di questo paese che rapidamente s’avvicina al baratro… No, scusate: ha gia’ saltato

Seguo con sincero interesse il Vaudeville che s’e’ alzato, da quasi un anno a questa parte, attorno all’ennesima “scoperta” di un metodo “sicuramente funzionante” per ottenere “a costo irrisorio” la “fusione fredda” (ora meglio conosciuta come “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”,…


1MW TEST: E-DAY or T-DAY for ROSSI?October 28. 2011- the much hyped and waited 1MW E-cats test takes place in Bologna, after being planned first for Greece and then in the US. Great Expectations and a lot of sympathy are generatedmany people  thin…

Steam Punk

Our greatest blessings come by way of madness, indeed of a madness that is heaven-sent. –‘Socrates’ on the Oracle of Delphi in Phaedo A test of the first commercial cold fusion technology held on October 6 at the University of Bologna, Italy continues to draw debate on just how much excess heat was generated. Excess … Continue reading Steam Punk