Dick Smith LENR Prize

Dick Smith, the Australian entrepreneur and a doyen of the Aussie Skeptics’ Society, recently offered $1m to anyone who could prove they had a LENR device capable of producing an output of 1kW or over. Asked to formalise this offer, he has now set up a website to do just that. To set the challenge […]

Defkalion: Super Secret Government Agents Like Hyperion

OK, so I am being flippant. Defkalion GT’s first pronouncement regarding the tests is much the non-statement many expected. Comment: Test status (28-2-2012) Author Message Defkalion GT Site Admin Tests with the presence of high level Government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive. Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at […]

Cool eCat Or Fake eCat

Cool eCat Or Fake eCat Some time ago, I wrote a piece trying to draw some of the evidence for and against the reality of the eCat. To someone convinced that the whole thing is a fraud, it probably looked like a believer’s charter. The reality is that it was a counter to the nonsense […]

Kitchen Physics – Thermal Calibration

As we await Defkalion’s tests, Steven T offers an example of creative design in the following Guest Post. He proposes an inventive method of mapping the thermal characteristics of a system to gauge future core energy levels with relative ease. “Kitchen Physics 101:  Bare Reactor Calibration Control Run”      When Defkalion first announced their […]

$1m Challenge Is Dead

Dick Smith’s $1m challenge to Defkalion ended when the Australian businessman pulled out. Citing Defkalion’s insistence on secrecy as a deal killer, Smith will watch the outcome of the forthcoming Hyperion tests before deciding what to do next. The result is unsurprising given the Aussie’s determination to publish events and communications as they happen. Convinced […]

The Emergence of LENR and it’s Predictable Effect on the Economy

To estimate how the emergence of LENR in the market place will predictable impact the US economy, it is best to study the known effects higher oil prices have. US demand for oil arises from demand for the products that are made from it. When the price of petroleum products increases, consumers use more of … Continue reading The Emergence of LENR and it’s Predictable Effect on the Economy

Defkalion Responds

Defkalion GT has posted a reply to Dick Smith on their forum The gist of it is that they will do nothing until he makes it official. They say that their protocols have been accepted by ‘leading world authorities’ but they are willing to negotiate alterations (such as going to six hours). Given that DS […]

eCat Scepticism And Defkalion Tests

My son asked me where I stood on the Rossi/Defkalion spectrum the other day. It was just after we found out that the 1MW plant was still in Bologna and had never been physically shipped anywhere. I told him then that I had taken a step back but that there was still plenty of room […]

A $1m Conversation With Defkalion

The following post is Dick Smith’s. I place it here in good faith. While my skepticism is not as aggressive as his, I appreciate his efforts to bring this play to a head, one way or another. As I see it, his wish to keep things simple stems from the belief that there must be […]