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Update: I am dismayed by some of the personal attacks Dick Smith has suffered here. In the future, I will delete such without comment and may ban the individual. Argument on substance is fine as long as it is conducted with civility. We need to remember too that, although dsm has phoned to check, we […]

Updated: Dick Smith Extends $1m Offer To Defkalion

Following Andrea Rossi’s refusal of Dick Smith’s $1m test offer, the Australian Businessman and skeptic has now extended that offer to Defkalion. While a cursory check has been made on his identity, care should be taken until it is confirmed by his office. The offer was made in answer to a question in the eCatNews […]

PLAN X: The John Galt Manifold

The responses to “Three Scenarios” has provided a number of astute and constructive ideas. Obviously starting a thought process is like starting a painting, in that the focus is on the overall pattern and not on specific details. While the …

A Visit To Defkalion

Deviating from the return leg of a trip to S Africa, Sterling Allan of Peswiki dropped in on Defkalion GT’s Greek offices. His report is worth the read. Although he did not witness any tests or see their lab, he was able to gain an impression of a group of competent people doing business. Such […]

Defkalion: Hyperion Reaction Occurs In Bursts

Defkalion gives us a number of tantalising clues about the mechanism behind their claims for Hyperion. Such detail should provide food for technical puzzle addicts. A multi stage process appears to begin by generating atomic Hydrogen from H2. Once the switch is thrown on this stage, the reactor appears to be primed for action. A […]

7 Well Known Labs To Test Hyperion

Defkalion continues backing up to that corner. Hopefully, it is deliberate. Answers will not be in the mail tomorrow but verification (or otherwise) is creeping forward. translated from the greek corner by “drew” (Thx!) http://www.defkalion-energy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5914#p5914 So far we have received applications and we are in the process of preparing independent test with 7 well-known research […]

Cold Fusion Has a Good Week

Last week at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Electrical Engineering Prof. Peter Hagelstein taught an Independent Activities Period course titled “Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments.”  For many, the news that an MIT professor holding a cold fusion class at MIT is astonishing because decades ago former MIT people went […]

Defkalion Video

A video from Defkalion. This appears to be the bare Hyperion at the centre of the company’s invite to testers. I can’t watch it now (poor signal) and so I await comments.

Better LENR News From Greece

The Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Global Ltd. (PDGT) firm that was and then wasn’t a partner with Andrea Rossi in marketing the E-Cat LENR reactor has announced the permitting of third party evaluations of their product named “Hyperion”.  PDGT had for a time an opportunity to learn what Rossi has accomplished and since is proposing […]

Defkalion Invites Additional Independent Tests

In its November press release, Defkalion GT promised to release details of independent tests that would be conducted in the first months of 2012. Today on their forum, they invite additional tests over and above those already promised. Twin Hyperions will be connected in parallel to the mains with relevant parameters (temp, pressure) data-logged to […]

A Look At 2012s Big Hopes – LENR or Cold Fusion

The coming year has some momentum from 2011 in fields that have high potential.  Cold Fusion, better called LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, fuel cells and small fusion all have prospects that may well give us peak lab results and even some market exposure. The most interesting and controversial is LENR, the better description […]