Greek Media: Rossi and Defkalion back together

Greek television Channel 6 is reporting that Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies have patched things up, and Defkalion is proceeding with its plans to establish a power plant in Xanthi, Greece: The news clip contains an interview with Defkalion CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis. A full translation of the interview in English does not appear to … Continue reading Greek Media: Rossi and Defkalion back together

Professor Christos Stremmenos Response to SPLIT

Here is a PDF response comment/statement from a few days ago, from Professor Christos Stremmenos on the split between ROSSI and DEFKALION. Stemmenos is the Greek scientist who brought Cold Fusion to Greece and worked with the government to set up the manufacturing of E-Cats there. This seems to be a translation, and maybe in … Continue reading Professor Christos Stremmenos Response to SPLIT

Defkalion Response To Split : E-Cats VS Hyperions?

Defkalion Green Technologies responded, somewhat, to the split between themselves and Andrea Rossi. Actually they seemed to not respond at all to the split itself, but rather they set to distance, or differentiate themselves from Rossi (while still stating “strong support” towards him) by establishing that their own device is called the HYPERION, and this … Continue reading Defkalion Response To Split : E-Cats VS Hyperions?

Defkalion issues advisory

Defkalion Green Technologies S.A. has recently released the following advisory on its website: It has come to the attention of our company that unauthorized persons have initiated contact with third parties for financial and development matters. Defkalion Green Technologies publically announces that only its Board of Directors are commissioned to speak on behalf of the … Continue reading Defkalion issues advisory

Fusione Fredda di Rossi e Focardi: Importanti novità alla conferenza della Defkalion

Si è conclusa alle 16:30 la tanto attesa conferenza stampa della Defkalion tenutasi al “Palaio Faliro Municipality Congress Center”. Questa ditta si occuperà della produzione e della distribuzione degli E-Cat in tutto il mondo (tranne Stati Uniti e militari). Alla conferenza erano presenti circa 150 persone tra cui: Il Sig. Xinidis, del Ministero dell’Industria e […]

L’ E-Cat funziona … e arrivano i turbo-affaristi!

Ed ecco finalmente cominciano ad uscire allo scoperto i vari investitori USA dell’ E-Cat di Rossi e Focardi.Parlo dei fondatori di Ampenergo di cui sentiremo molto, ma molto parlare nel prossimo futuro. Prestate però attenzione all’articolo apparso su 22passi (sorgente su NyTeknik) che vi invito a leggere con molta attenzione. Ormai si è capito cosa […]

Debunk this

A statement from Defkalion Green Technologies, now lighting the torch!: GREECE’s ANSWER TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRISIS HYDROGEN & NICKEL EXOTHERMIC REACTION CHEAP, CLEAN & GREEN ENERGY Today, there is great pessimism regarding the future energy needs of our planet. Energy will soon become universally cheap, clean and readily usable. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have … Continue reading Debunk this

Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government

“…SPIEGEL ONLINE has obtained information from German government sources knowledgeable of the situation in Athens indicating that Papandreou’s government is considering abandoning the euro and reintroducing its own currency.” [4] —Christian Reiermann Athens Mulls Plans for New Currency, Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone Der Spiegel Online By indirections find directions out. — Shakespeare There … Continue reading Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government