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Defkalion: “We’re not selling products, we sell technology”

Sterling Allan of the Pure Energy Systems network follows multiple types of new energy technologies, including cold fusion. Last year he traveled to Greece to check on the progress of Defkalion Green Technologies Hyperion steam-generator, a prototype commercial product based on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) that utilizes nickel and light hydrogen. Recently, Allan interviewed Defkalion‘s … Continue reading Defkalion: “We’re not selling products, we sell technology”

PESN Interviews Defkalion

Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview with Alexandros Xanthoulis, CEO of Defkalion Green Technologies. Xanthoulis states that each reactor is working at 5 kW per hour, operating at between 350-500 degrees Celcius. The reactor needs to be he…

Defkalion Settles in Canada

Several months ago, I posted an article asking the question Can Defkalion Survive the Greek Crisis?  To summarize, I explored the obstacles that Defkalion Green Technologies faced starting a commercial enterprise in a country in the midst of economic turmoil and rising social unrest.  This would certainly be problematic for any new enterprise, but especially so … Continue reading Defkalion Settles in Canada

Celani video and Defkalion interview.

Short of time today, I just thought I would post a couple of items here. First is a video of Francesco Celani at at ICCF-17 in Korea talking about his nickel wire LENR device. You may need to concentrate a little to understand his English through his h…

Is Defkalion Leaving Greece?

The E-Cat World website is reporting that Defkalion Green Technologies which is developing a low energy nuclear reaction device called the Hyperion could be thinking of leaving Greece. Unfortunately there is no direct evidence of just story just E-Cat …