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Rally Monkey!

Per il signor Rossi, e tutti i colleghi raduno a Bologna: vi auguriamo il successo di questo test importante della vostra energia rivoluzionaria tecnologia ed una consegna rapida di Nuovo Fuoco per il pianeta! To Mr. Rossi, and all colleagues gathering in Bologna: we wish you success on this important test run of your revolutionary … Continue reading Rally Monkey!

Defkalion internal tests

A day after the press conference held by Defkalion Green Technologies S.A. there is still apparently no mention of it in the English-speaking mainstream media, the most prominent news outlet reporting on the event being Next Big Future. Meanwhile, a company representative using the moniker Defkalion GT has begun answering questions on the company’s forum. … Continue reading Defkalion internal tests

Early news from Greece

The Greek website energypress.gr has a recent press release apparently giving details on Defkalion Green Technologies‘ commercial arrangements ahead of their press conference. Among the details: The company’s funding is completely private. The company has €300-400 million in investments. The company will build three industrial units in Xanthi, Thrace. Apart from the large demonstration reactor, … Continue reading Early news from Greece

Andrea Rossi on E-Cat Validation

A recent post up from the Cold Fusion “Andrea Rossi” Method Facebook page – “Does E-Cat need a “validation”? – Rossi responds to the everyday requests which he receives for independent validation and fears of industrial espionage: “Here is the inventor Andrea Rossi answering to Mr Frank on the Journal of Nuclear phisics about a … Continue reading Andrea Rossi on E-Cat Validation