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What did the E-Cat Test Achieve?

The October 28th E-Cat test is over now. This was an event that people interested in Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion technology have been looking forward to for almost a year now, and for many observers it does not seem to have lived up to expectation…

eCat 1MW Test: Update Thread

 Updates on what’s happening in Bologna.Use #ecat to search for our Twitterings. Not everything went well (the usual [leaking] gaskets, the self-sustaining reaction that was in danger of runaway, etc), but 470kWh (even if not 1 MWh) without input…

1 M-Watt Running Commentary

By Bob Norman My predictions Will it be conclusive? No, the skeptics will be their in force Will the customer be identified? No Will Rossi’s partner be named? Maybe (How’s that for a prediction) Will defkalion announce to steal Rossi’s thunder? No Will Roll out plans be given? I believe the test will be a […]