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October’s E-Cat Could Alter History Forever | Unexplainable.Net

Some people are complaining that the scientists present during Thursday’s demonstration have not yet broken cover. While I share their impatience, the value of those scientists stems in part from them taking a cool and considered view and this takes time. Unlike us, they have much to lose. The currency of science is credibility. Cut them some slack. When they speak, it will be worth listening to.

Updates Part 2 – E-CAT Test Aftermath

Photo from Radio24 After the October 6th Energy Catalyzer test, there’s been continual updates, graphs, number crunching, and speculation on what is next, trickling in throughout the web. For a good summation of the test as being positive, yet could have been better, and a really good part on the psychological aspects of “inventor” versus … Continue reading Updates Part 2 – E-CAT Test Aftermath