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Rossi Speaks About Focardi

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Thomas Florek recently placed a link to an interview with Andrea Rossi. The interview was done earlier this year, and is a one on one interview with the inventor that iw well produced. Of the interview, Mr. Rossi said that it was “excellent work”. In the interview, Mr. Florek […]

In ricordo…

Sergio Focardi (1932-2013), al centro con l’amico e compagno di studi Carlo Rubbia 

Rossi ha appena confermato la morte del suo amico Sergio Focardi… Grazie di tutto. | Il mio profondo rispetto e stima per sergio focardi, grazie. | Ovviamente nn…

Sergio Focardi Has Died

Andrea Rossi relayed some really tragic news via his blog. One of the true pioneers of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) Sergio Focardi died on June 22 of an undisclosed illness. A number of LENR devices including those of Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, and…

Sergio Focardi in Remembrance

Video by Ecat.com Sergio Focardi: This is an energy revolution Physicist Sergio Focardi of University of Bologna has crossed over. He was part of an early group that included Fracesco Piantelli and Roberto Habel who pioneered the generation of excess heat from Flesichmann-Pons cells using light-water and the metal nickel. He inspired and worked closely … Continue reading Sergio Focardi in Remembrance