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Back and forth…

This technology is so hot and revolutionary that things are bound to be dynamic in getting this to market.According to a report made on ColdfusionNow,  Channel 6 News of Greece reported that the two parties have made up and are back to the origina…

Professor Christos Stremmenos Response to SPLIT

Here is a PDF response comment/statement from a few days ago, from Professor Christos Stremmenos on the split between ROSSI and DEFKALION. Stemmenos is the Greek scientist who brought Cold Fusion to Greece and worked with the government to set up the manufacturing of E-Cats there. This seems to be a translation, and maybe in … Continue reading Professor Christos Stremmenos Response to SPLIT

Rossi Response on Defkalion Split

Here’s the latest Rossi response concerning the split from Defkalion:   August 8th, 2011 at 1:38 PM Dear Alessandro Casali: I repeat that the reason of the split from Defkalion has been only and exclusively financial. As for all the other issue: as all our Readers know, I always said that we would have been […]

Defkalion Press Release

Ny Teknik has posted a press release said to come from Defkalion. At this moment, for some reason it is not on their site. If not for Ny Teknik, I would be worried that it might be a fake but Ny Teknik received it by email and their channels have proven reliable in the past. […]

Rossi: the issue is just financial

Source: Journal of Nuclear Physics

Andrea Rossi
August 7th, 2011 at 2:22 PM

Dear Georgehants:
Prof. Stremmenos has tested our E-Cats many times in Bologna and has made a very good work; I do not know what has been done in Greece from Deflalion with the documents made by Prof. Stremmenos; also other officers of defkalion made tests in Bologna, for this purpose.
The work has been good, as well as has been good the work that Defkalion made to get authorizations, I suppose, even if it has never been my business; the problems which caused the cancellation of the contract are just financial.

Are you a Believer?

The following guest posting has been written by a retired intellectual property attorney with 35 years of experience: David J. French LLB, BEng, PEng. It has been over 22 years since professors Fleischmann and Pons of the University of Utah announced they had discovered a new effect: the anomalous production of heat, obtained by driving […]

eCat’s Global Spread

An eCatNews What If? article. What if Andrea Rossi manages a successful eCat launch? A common dream among optimistic Rossi watchers imagines home-bound eCats leaping from factories to purr warm and cosy under our stairs – someday soon. A number of Defkalion/Rossi comments could easily lead us to that conclusion but I’ve never been convinced […]

Rossi and Others Participate in Cold Fusion Conference — Competitor to Rossi Emerges (Nichenergy)

A meeting was held on Saturday, July 23  in Viareggio, Italy on the topic of cold fusion in which Andrea Rossi (via Skype) and others involved in cold fusion research gathered to discuss the status of the research and development in the field. Rossi reported that  is work is going smoothly and the 1MW plant …

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