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E-Cat Handed Over to Greece

In Italy, mass media continues to blatantly strike and does everything possible to discredit CICAP and its fields of study, while in Greece, the first major television outlet – the TG network of state— has already started broadcasting news about E-…

Competition for Andrea Rossi eCat

Thanks to reader, Gibed for pointing me to a report on the 22passi blog about yesterday’s conference in Viareggio, Italy. This from Gibed: With over 150 in attendance, they listened to the clear voice of Andrea Rossi via Skype. AR congratulated the conference – the first on the subject in Tuscany – and confirmed that […]

eCat Heralds End Of Days

An Article in the eCatnews.com What-If? Series If Andrea Rossi’s eCat lives its promise, there will be many worried and powerful people desperate to find a way out. This alpha-set did not become successful with a Gaelic shrug of the shoulders. By design or by default, the trashing of cold fusion for the last two […]

Defkalion Green Technologies Interview

XanthiPress (a newspaper local to the region in Greece where Defkalion Green Technologies will run their first three factories) interviewed the President of the company, Alekos Xanthoulis The reporter said that it was initially difficult to get Defkalion to talk but that since the company themselves gave an impressive view of how important the technology […]

More Details From Defkalion GT President Alexandros Xanthoulis (UPDATED)

Thanks to the kindness of a reader, we have a better translation of the interview that XanthiPress conducted yesterday with Defkalion GT President Alexandros Xanthoulis that we reported about yesterday which provides a clearer picture than could be gleaned from the Google translation. The new translation is as follows: At the first 2 weeks of …

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Rossi: E-Cats Producing Now Producing Power Without Energy Input “Most of the Time”

Yesterday we reported that Sergio Focardi explained that the nuclear reaction inside the E-Cat reactor was started by applying a heat source of 60-70 degrees C, and that after the reaction was underway there was no need for the continuation of the heat source. In the public demonstrations earlier this year made by Rossi and …

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Sergio Focardi Speaks About the Energy Catalyzer

Andrea Rossi’s research partner, Sergio Focardi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Bologna recently conducted an interview with Italian non-profit research organization Energy Lab in which he answered questions about E-Cat technology. An English Google-translation can be found here. Focardi covers a number of topics, many of which have been discussed before, but there are …

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The silence of the Swedish media

In connection with the 14th of January demonstration some Swedish media paid attention to Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. An e-mail with a suggestion sent to various Swedish news-channels resulted in at least some coverage in four different news-ch…

Defkalion Call For Partners?

I am slightly wary of posting this because it has not been verified by Defkalion GT as genuine yet (and it is only one person saying he/she received it). It was posted on their forum and they have not denied it so perhaps it is real. No doubt, if it is not, they will jump […]

Defkalion And eCat Beyond Heavy Petting

Referencing the following video interviews, we learn through a forum question that Defkalion is  making more than the ‘boiler parts’ of Hyperion but also the eCat reactor, too. As suspected from earlier DGT comments, their involvement with the heart of the eCat appears to be extensive, once more nailing the idea that they have made […]