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Nobel laureate Brian Josephson affirms reality of E-Cat HT

Dr. Brian Josephson discusses Andrea Rossi‘s E-Cat technology with Dr. Judith Driscoll in a video released in 2011. Published on the University of Cambridge website for Video and Audio Collections, the page is now amended to include the latest confirmation of heat-producing capability by the E-Cat HT. “It is a very favorable report”, said Dr. … Continue reading Nobel laureate Brian Josephson affirms reality of E-Cat HT

The Rossi E-CAT HT2 Test Report

An independent test report of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat HT2 is available at the Cornell University Library archive.  The team, seemingly led by Hanno Essén of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden included four collaborators from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden with Mr. Rossi’s old friend Giuseppe Levi of Bologna University and Evelyn Foschi of Bologna […]


The E-Cat has now been tested!  I believe that the E-Cat should now be considered a confirmed phenomenon! “Even by the most conservative assumptions …, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.” http://ecat.com/files/Indication-of-anomalous-heat-energy-production-in-a-reactor-device.pdf or Cornell University Library The reporters include names familiar to us: Guiseppe Levi of Bologna University, […]

Nuova intervista a rossi

05/07/11, Andrea Rossi in Svezia – fonte http://ecatreport.com/ Qualche giorno fa, l’11 (qui) e 12 luglio (qui) il blogger – credo svedese – di ecatreport.com ha pubblicato in due parti una intervista ad Andrea Rossi che si pone come buon riepilogo di tante questioni aperte sull’E-Cat. Grazie ad Alex Passi(che collabora con 22passi.blogspot.com) che ne […]

No fake!

How to prove that the E-Cat is for real.A 5 kw version that the Swedish physicists say “It’s a nuclear reaction!”“In some way a new kind of physics is taking place. It’s enigmatic, but probably no new laws of nature are involved. We believe it i…