Deformation of electron outer shells important for Hyperion too, says Tsyganov

Physicist and cold fusion researcher Edward Tsyganov presented his research on low-energy collisions of atoms within a crystal at the Channeling 2012 Conference organized by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). A description of this work was summarized in our Q&A A Physicist’s Formula with Tsyganov. Now, Registration of energy discharge in D … Continue reading Deformation of electron outer shells important for Hyperion too, says Tsyganov

Successful Defkalion demo has scientists wanting more

Press Release –From: Attilia Cozzaglio Google translate (original Italian below): Cold Fusion: After the streaming of 22 and 23 July, Defkalion has decide to make more accurate measurements on his apparatus. Saturday night, July 3 (Editor – August 3?) at 20:00, and then repeat Sunday the 4th at 23:00, Moebius will broadcast on Radio 24, … Continue reading Successful Defkalion demo has scientists wanting more

Defkalion’s Demo Winds Down

DGT’s demo is in its final stages. I watched it from start to wind-down. This is simply a quick summary of my first impressions. I was surprised by the level of detail and the apparent freedom given to those present. That said, I was disappointed to see that only Mats Lewan stepped up to the […]

Jeane Manning on live demo of Defkalion’s Hyperion

Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power, has published an article in Atlantic Rising on her visit to Defkalion Green Technologies new office in Vancouver, Canada where she viewed a live demonstration of their Hyperion thermal generator. Beyond LENR (aka ‘cold fusion’) to Useful Energy [.pdf] is available for free on Manning’s Changing Power website and … Continue reading Jeane Manning on live demo of Defkalion’s Hyperion

Defkalion: “We’re not selling products, we sell technology”

Sterling Allan of the Pure Energy Systems network follows multiple types of new energy technologies, including cold fusion. Last year he traveled to Greece to check on the progress of Defkalion Green Technologies Hyperion steam-generator, a prototype commercial product based on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) that utilizes nickel and light hydrogen. Recently, Allan interviewed Defkalion‘s … Continue reading Defkalion: “We’re not selling products, we sell technology”

Defkalion Self-Leaks Catalyst

Hydrogen is not the only leak coming from Defkalion – maybe. When Eldering_G recovered Defkalion’s unredacted report from his cache, he did so because he noticed the company had changed the pdf to one with information blanked out. He was unaware at the time that they had also withdrawn another paper which recounted a March […]

Original Defkalion Test PDF

With thanks to Eldering_G, the following is the original pdf (with signatures) from Defkalion’s test run. The document was posted on the DGT forum and then swapped for the one doing the rounds now with signatures blanked. I am on the road so post it in good faith for your comment. 2012-09-07_Test protocol signed ETA […]

eCatNews Brief Pt 2

An independent look at Rossi’s eCat by novelist, Paul Story. A former physicist, Paul wrote this brief after months of wading through FUD and clutter trying to sift gold from shit. He has not decided to ‘believe’ yet, but thinks that the circumstantial evidence is so strong and the potential benefits so great that we need to pay attention.

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I progetti della Defkalion

Peter Gluck, del blog Ego Out, e’ riuscito ad intervistare via skype uno degli amministratori (il nome non ci e’ dato saperlo) della Defkalion Green Technologies. Al centro della conversazione sono stati l’importanza che assumeranno l…

Defkalion Interview

When Defkalion GT promised to deliver details of their independent tests some months ago, I admit to a certain frisson of excitement at the time. It appeared to me that the company would gain nothing by making such a specific promise if it had no substance. When nothing came of it (so far) that excitement […]